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Check out the Picante Biosphere Reserve on your journey to Rocky Point

Historical Journey to Rocky Point

Old houses and historic monuments are much loved by travelers from all over the United States. Getting to stand in the footprints of early settlers, realizing that the view you see at this moment is the same one our forefathers stared at when contemplating what their next steps should be is an experience guaranteed to bring goosebumps to your arms. Although the United States offers an extensive history that is rich and fascinating, our neighbor to the south has its own tales to tell. And because not all visits to Rocky Point have to be about frolicking in the surf all day and partying all night, this guide to your historical journey to Puerto Peñasco promises to give you a new outlook on a town that is best known for fishing and parties!

Rocky Point Has Been an Escape for Decades

Incorporated as a city in 1928, Rocky Point soon become a favorite of gangsters and ordinary Americans seeking respite from the 18th Amendment . Flying over the border with Spirit Airlines, sleep was never on the agenda, as visitors, including Al Capone, stayed up all night drinking, gambling, and reveling in the lack of alcoholic restrictions. The Peñasco Hotel is where the legendary Capone stayed, even having his own suite with two exits to ensure a quick getaway, should the need arise. The Peñasco Hotel burned down in 1933 (after the end of prohibition) but was immediately rebuilt and became La Roca Hotel, which is still standing today. Located at 1 de Junio 2, El Puerto, the lobby has been restored to its former “glory” and offers a peek into those crazy days with the pictures that are hanging on the walls. If you happen to be walking by, pause for a minute and listen closely; you could very possibly hear the echoes of the laughter of Capone and his compadres, long after they have left the earth forever! Al Capone’s Seafood & Pizzeria, local 1 y 2, Av Sinaloa 61A, Benito Juárez has even more of the story; stop by for a slice and an earful!

Malecón Fundadores

Although you may be justified in believing that Rocky Point is all fun and games, the monument to early shrimpers found at Malecón Fundadores (the founders boardwalk) will soon change your mind. Built of iron and standing between two concrete structures overlooking the Sea of Cortez, this area is the heart of Rocky Point. Shopping, drinking, and dining establishments can all be found here, but this simple statue signifies the sacrifices shrimpers made to put food on the tables of their families. And once you get a taste of the local shrimp, you’ll be even more grateful for their sacrifices! The Malecón Fish and Shrimp Market located on the boardwalk is the perfect place to test our theory on your journey to Rocky Point.

Picante Biosphere Reserve

These ancient volcanoes and cinder cones are located about 30 minutes away from Rocky Point proper but missing out on a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage Site is out of the question! These volcanoes are known as the Picante Peaks, and although they erupted occasionally over the last four million years, it’s been over 11,000 years since it last went off, so travelers can safely visit and return home to their comfortable and luxurious FMI Rentals vacation escape at the end of the day! As you explore the region which was once used for training the astronauts of Apollo 14 for their moon landing, take a moment and ponder over the people who have once walked where you are standing now. From the San Dieguito people who worked this land over 20,000 years ago to the more infamous cannibals who were suspected of living here for a time, this arid land has a long and rich history.

JJ’s Cantina

A story about Rocky Point wouldn’t be complete without mention of JJ’s Cantina which opened its doors over 30 years ago. Opening in the space that had gone through many changes over the years, June 4, 1984 is a day for the history books, as JJ’s soon became an integral part of the Rocky Point community, and today is still the center of everything fun. Home to bathtub races and possibly the infamous “No Sniveling” sign, JJ’s is a favorite of musicians, including Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, a band from Tempe, Arizona that has made this renowned bar their South of the Border home away from home. Located on Cholla Bay, visitors will not have the complete Rocky Point experience if they don’t take at least one night to explore the charms of this historic bar; inexpensive and low-key, JJ’s has long been considered el corazón de Puerto Peñasco (the heart of Rocky Point).

Into the Modern On Your Journey to Rocky Point

At the end of every day, our FMI Rentals vacation escapes will be making history of their own as they provide a comfort and style not often found in this part of the country. Reserve yours today!