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Home Port In Puerto Penasco

SeaOfCortez-CruiseRoute- FMI RentalsBig news for the beautiful Puerto Penasco community which has long been a favorite destination spot for thousands of tourists each and every year: a new home port is now available for cruise ships to board which will bring greater access to the stunning beaches and warm waters in this exotic Mexican town. Serving as both an arrival and departure point for cruise ships instead of a mere stopping point along standard cruise routes, Puerto Penasco now hosts the very first home port in Mexico and as such, the region will see an influx of tourists and visitors who will boost the economy while enjoying longer visits to the area.

By Summer of 2015 the port will be open to ships that initially will carry 1200 passengers and crew in total though there are plans to accommodate ships that carry twice as many people in the future. The local businesses, leaders and members of the Puerto Penasco community will have to work together to continue to encourage visitors to the area and keep the interest in traveling by ship to the new port consistent. This shouldn’t be too difficult with such gorgeous waters, unique wildlife and ample outdoor activity to enjoy including the thousands of small islands dotting the waters of the Sea of Cortez which surrounds Puerto Penasco.

The new port is expected to bring in an additional 130,000 visitors to Puerto Penasco annually which will boost businesses and create a need for growing accommodations and activity opportunities. As it is, guests to the area often come for the snorkeling, scuba diving, guided fishing trips, kayaking adventures, hikes, bike trails, miles of sandy beaches, authentic cuisine, warm weather and friendly people. Families as well as couples are able to find plenty to do in Puerto Penasco and the area draws people of all ages.

This new home port has been supervised by Puerto Penasco’s Mayor; Maor Gerardo Figeroa Zazuet who has relied on the help of both Sonora Governor Guillermo Padres as well as the Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto, both of whom have showed tremendous support and interest regarding the project.

Regular cruise goers should keep their eye out for up and coming cruises to Puerto Penasco and those who have yet to enjoy a cruise will likely find no better first destination that this beautiful town as a memorable first for their initial expedition.