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enjoy a corporate retreat in Rocky Point

How to Plan a Fun and Refreshing Corporate Retreat to Rocky Point

The last few months have been difficult for you, and if you are a business owner, your employees as well, but you’ve all worked together to make it as bearable as it can be. And as your employees have repeatedly shown their adaptability, their willingness to stay the course, and their dedicated loyalty to you and the company, it’s made you realize just how luck you are! Not every company has survived this pandemic, but yours hasn’t just survived, it has thrived, and now is the perfect time to show your gratitude with a south of the border corporate retreat in Rocky Point to one of our comfortable and luxurious FMI Rentals vacation escapes.

Clean and Sanitized

We’ve all become leery of the virus, and rightly so, but we at FMI Rentals want you to have a good time and forget about your worries. Every surface on our corporate retreats have been disinfected, sanitized, and cleaned to an extent no germ would DARE to survive; even the throws on the sofas and the beach toys offered for your convenience haven’t escaped our sprays and cleansers! All our extra precautions may be more work for us, but knowing it lets our guests truly relax and enjoy their time in paradise makes us happy; it’s a labor of love for us!

Now That You Feel Safe

Let’s explore our properties! Every house is different, decorated and designed by the homeowners, but all share a common trait: the feeling of warmth and home. Kitchens that are the heart of the home are also spacious enough to let multiple chefs share the chores without stepping on each other’s toes, while the dining rooms offer enough seating for your group and the perfect spot to enjoy breakfast in the morning, board games in the evening, or putting together a puzzle any time of the day. Living areas offer comfy couches, large screen televisions, and if you made the right choice, views of the beach that will make you never want to leave! Step out onto the patio and drink in those views as you sip a sweet and frothy beverage you (or one of your crew) whipped up in the kitchen. As the sounds of the sea soothe your soul, you will realize that this moment is one you will never forget! At night, the night skies are dark, and our bedrooms offer a soft place to sleep like you never have before, unless of course, you and your staff are still laughing and telling stories as the sun rises!

Team Building Fun

By now, you and your employees probably know all the team building games and are wondering if they really even work. We can’t answer that, but we can say that spending time south of the border will definitely enhance working relationships, especially as you play together under the beautiful Rocky Point Sun. Spend your days shopping for trinkets in the quaint little shops you’ll find on the Puerta Peñasco version of Rodeo Drive, or put together a game of beach volleyball, falling into the surf when it gets a little too warm! Riding the banana boats with six or eight of your coworkers is a south of the border tradition that always brings laughter, and when the sun sinks into the Sea of Cortez every night, heading out for a night of dining, dancing, and drinking is sure to create a memory that will never be forgotten.

Stay in and Have a Great Time

Depending on how long you and your crew decide to stay in our favorite coastal village, you may decide that going out every night is not something you signed up for and that’s ok! Our FMI Rentals properties are designed to be a vacation experience in themselves. Some feature rooftop decks with views of the Gulf that are the perfect place for a party; turn up the music, set out the drinks, and have an unforgettable evening! Others have barbecues, hot tubs, or pools (community or private), ensuring that the entertainment continues every day and every night. Grill up the catch of the day, practice your cannonballs, or just sit and talk by the pool with a drink in hand; when was the last time you were able to have a conversation with your employees without being interrupted by phone calls or other office emergencies?

Your Employees Deserve This Time Away

Loyalty needs to be rewarded, especially in these uncertain times, and there is no better way to say thank you to your crew than with a Mexican getaway and a stay in our exciting corporate retreats! Reserve yours today and watch the fears and troubles roll off the shoulders of these very important people in your life. The glow of happiness is a good thing to see after all these months of worry, and your business will reap the benefits!