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Rocky Point Golf

The Best Rocky Point Activities for a 3 Day Trip

When you hear someone saying that Rocky Point is all about beaches, you know that this is an understatement. Rocky Point is a great place for a vacation, even a short one. But instead of spending your three days on the beach, you really want to explore the town and its attractions. There’s plenty of Rocky Point activities to enjoy around here. The only question is where to start and what to do first. This short guide will help you plan your three-day visit to Rocky Point and cover as many places and attractions as you can.

Rocky Point Golf

Golf near the beach is a whole different experience. The air, the views, the sea in the distance—it’s enough to make you enjoy the game even if you’re not really good at it. There are three Rocky Point golf courses and each is better than the other. The Club at Laguna del Mar, The Links at Las Palomas and Vidanta Peninsula de Cortez Golf Club will give you a golfing experience you didn’t think possible. Mini golf courses are also available where the whole family can enjoy playing together.

Horseback Riding

Riding a horse on the beach is amazing. It beats backcountry tours, especially if you take the tour around sunset. It’s both romantic and thrilling. Just let the gentle beast meander down the beach. He knows which places to take you and what the scenery will be like from there. So just sit back comfortably and take it all in. The sea, the sunset, the fresh air—you’re creating memories here that will stay with you for years to come.

Kite Surfing Adventures

You can’t be near the beach and not try the water sports around here. It’s something you simply have to do! Kite surfing is a very popular sport here and thanks to the wind and the waves it is more thrilling here than anywhere you’ve been. You can skim over the surface of the water at high speed and get your heart racing. That’s the taste of adventure you’re getting, and that’s why people love this sport.

Banana Boat Rides

This fun sport is not just for kids; people of all ages enjoy riding a banana boat. Spend the whole morning frolicking in the water and let the inner child in you have some fun.It’s also a great activity for those who don’t want to break the bank!

Your three-day trip to Rocky Point will be made all the better when you enjoy these Rocky Point activities and more. Call us today for more information and to book your stay!