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Rocky Point in Mexico attractions

Indoor Rocky Point in Mexico Attractions to See

While you’re sure to want to spend plenty of time outdoors during your Rocky Point getaway, there’s many exciting Rocky Point in Mexico attractions to check out indoors as well. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite spots below for your view pleasure!

See the Restaurants and Shops at the Malecon

The Malecon is a strip right by the water full of many different indoor shops and restaurants to spend your day exploring. Take your pick between Blue Marlin, Satisfied Frog, Boo Bar, and more! Mariachi bands can often be found playing here, rounding out the atmosphere with the sound of Mexican tunes. There are even full live bands playing on the weekends!

Explore the Cholla Mall

Widely regarded as the best place to shop in in Rocky Point, the Cholla Mall stretches along both sides of the road for several street blocks, with so much to see that there’s no way you’ll ever get to explore all of it. The strip between the shops is outdoors, but you can step out of the sun every time you see a shop that piques your interest, and that’s always a plus in the summertime. There are restaurants here too, so you’ll be able to chill out and grab lunch and some drinks while you shop!

Enjoy Live Mexican Music at El Tapeo

El Tapeo is the best wine bar in Rocky Point. With the chic decor, the delicious selection of wines and craft beer, and the warm atmosphere, you’ll have a wonderful evening here. It’s a big favorite among both tourists and locals alike. If you want to enjoy the height of the live local music scene while you’re here, El Tapeo is the place to go!

Visit the Seashell Museum

This is a small museum, featuring a breathtaking privately-owned seashell collection from the Sea of Cortez, with unique shells ranging from Keyhole Sand Dollars to Moon Snails to Bleeding Tooth Nerites. Be aware, this museum is open to the public between the beginning of October and mid-June, and by appointment only between late-June and the end of September.

Dine by the Water at La Casa Del Capitan

There’s nothing better than dining with a direct view of the ocean. Enjoy the sight of the sea from the comfortable indoors by having your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at La Casa Del Capitan. The atmosphere is bright, fun, and friendly, and the fresh seafood is to die for. Have one of the delicious margaritas here if you really want to cool off in style.

Make Memories for a Lifetime in Rocky Point

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