There are miles of Rocky Point beaches surrounding this popular vacation destination. Each one has a unique vibe and offers a slightly different beach going experience. La Playa Jolla, when translated into English, means the jewel of the beach. When you visit La Playa Jolla, it will be easy to see how it got its name! This sandy, secluded Rocky Point beachside destination will certainly be the crown jewel of your Mexican vacation experience.

Cozy Fun at Rocky Point Beaches

La Playa Jolla – one of the highest quality Puerto Penasco Beaches – is the perfect place to plan your next vacation to Rocky Point. Located just 15 minutes south of town, it offers the appeal of seclusion and privacy without feeling as though you are entirely out of the loop of the town’s fun attractions and culture. Although there are several resorts and luxury vacation rentals along La Playa Jolla, it is not uncommon to find that you will have the beach all to yourself. The sandy beach is completely free of dangerous rocky terrain, making it the perfect location to take in the sun, swimming in the clear waters, or walk barefoot along the coast. It is also a premier area to go exploring for sea shells.

Rocky Point has garnered a reputation as being a wild party town, but La Playa Jolla has all of the allure found in a quiet getaway. It is an ideal location for a family-friendly vacation, or even a secluded romantic holiday. It is close enough to town to allow you to enjoy the wonderful shopping, dining, and entertainment that is found there, but it is also tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the main tourist areas. When you are searching for your ideal low-key Rocky Point beaches vacation haven, look no further that the area of La Playa Jolla! Contact us today to learn more about the amazing Rocky Point and Puerto Penasco Beaches that are sure to make your vacation memorable!