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FMI Rentals is proud to offer luxurious vacation rentals in the exclusive gated community of Las Conchas. As one of the most desirable neighborhoods on the southeast side of Rocky Point, a stay in the peaceful and quiet Las Conchas area is a real treat for travelers. Adjacent to it, is Las Conchas beach, which boasts about five miles of beautiful, secluded shoreline on the Sea of Cortez. Click below to see our map, or read on for more information about our amazing Las Conchas Puerto Penasco beachfront rentals and more!

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Las Conchas Rentals

These private Las Conchas beachfront rentals and ocean-view properties are the perfect solution for either a romantic weekend getaway or for a longer escape with family and friends. The Las Conchas development has a variety of rentals to choose from, allowing guests to find an ideal fit in terms of size as well as budget. To further ensure guest comfort, each home has central heating and air conditioning to go along with a host of amenities, a fully stocked kitchen, and stylish décor. Trust us; our amazing Las Conchas Beach Rentals are sure to provide you with an amazing vacation!


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Nearby Attractions to our Las Conchas Beach Rentals

Las Conchas is located only a short drive from the center of town and many Rocky Point attractions. Situated near the middle of the community is CEDO, the Center for the Study of Deserts and Ocean, which has several exhibits and striking botanical gardens that are open to visitors. CEDO also holds different events, hiking and nature walks, eco tours, and paddling and kayaking excursions at the nearby Morua Estuary. In addition, the beach at Las Conchas is a popular spot for snorkeling, exploring tide pools, and simply relaxing on smooth sand.

If you are looking for one of the most exceptional places to stay in Rocky Point, Las Conchas is a great choice. FMI Rentals has several vacation rentals available in the charming community, varying in size and type to ensure that you find exactly what you need. Contact our team to help you reserve one of our upscale Las Conchas Beach Rentals for the dates of your trip.