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Enjoy 4th of July Rocky Point fireworks on your weekend getaway

Make Your Way To Rocky Point This 4th Of July!

As you begin preparations for the next summer holiday on the rotation, July 4th, you may not have considered taking the party south of the border, but we at FMI Rentals would have to ask, why not? Rocky Point in the summer offers leisurely days at the beach, inexpensive forays to the shops and boutiques that make our fishing village special, and our luxurious, comfortable, and stylish seasonal sanctuaries that guarantee you will feel welcomed and treasured! And because this year Independence Day falls on a Monday, the extended weekend could easily lead to a luxurious week-long getaway you will never forget! As you make your way to Rocky Point this 4th of July, this guide to all the fun you can have will guarantee a celebration you will wish never had to end!

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An All-American Breakfast

Although Huevos Rancheros and Chilaquiles are always a good idea for breakfast, nothing beats a large plate of all-American pancakes, especially when you are celebrating our nation’s holiday. If you were worried you were going to have to skip this delicacy while exploring the beauty of Rocky Point, there is no need; Kaffee Haus has your back! Offering an international experience and a blend of German, Mexican, and American dishes, their pancakes are light, fluffy, and oh so delicious! Oh, and don’t forget to try the French Toast at this melting pot eatery! We promise it will become your newest obsession!

Which Way to the Playa?

Spending a holiday at the beach is a time-honored tradition enjoyed by countless Americans and can be enjoyed during your 4th of July Rocky Point getaway! Stake your claim on your “acreage” of sand using beach towels, chairs, and colorful umbrellas to mark your territory and prepare for a day of sun, sand, and surf! Ride the banana boats through the water, swim laps to work off all those pancake calories, or float on your back on a bright raft, feeling the sun warm your skin as the sea calms your soul! There’s never going to be a better time to be an American in Mexico and your lazy day at the beach is all the proof you will need!

The Catch of the Day

Traditionally it is burgers and hot dogs that are grilled for the 4th of July feast, but when you are in one of the best fishing villages in Mexico, how could you not try your hand at fishing? Charter an expedition into the deeper waters with Maldonado’s Fishing Services or Blue Fin Fishing Charters or set up at the shore’s edge with a cooler of beer and a pole and line and work on catching the night’s dinner. If the fish aren’t biting, you can always revert back to burgers and hot dogs purchased at the local Sam’s Club which will probably be open on Independence Day just as it is in your own hometown!

Red, White, and Boom!

Here’s the deal. Yes, you are in Rocky Point celebrating our nation’s birthday, and no, July 4th doesn’t really mean anything to the locals, but as Rocky Point is often considered Arizona’s beach, you can pretty much bet that there will be a lot of the traditional celebrations, including fireworks, to be enjoyed during your stay! The beach is going to be your best option of getting your fill of oohs and ahhs and it won’t matter that it is not a traditional organized show synchronized to the music of the big bands. All that will matter is that you will be sitting with your toes in your hand, lulled into a peaceful state by the sounds of waves crashing against the beach, reflected by the explosions of colorful fireworks in the sky! Offering the ultimate in holiday experiences, a fireworks show is going to be one of the highlights of your visit and as you alternate between watching the show in the sky and the looks of awe and delight flashing across the faces of your precious children!

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Stay Home and Play On Your 4th of July Rocky Point Vacation

Our FMI Rentals offer a variety of homes and condos for your vacation enjoyment and can be the best part of your trip south of the border. Choose a home with a private pool and let your kids practice their cannonball jumps into the cool waters as you choose to relax on the giant Unicorn float you packed specifically for the trip. Wireless internet can allow you to stream your favorite music stations and provided grills can add to the holiday experience as you char your favorite meat or grill up the catch of the day! Some of our homes offer rooftop patios allowing guests to enjoy panoramic views of any fireworks displays that may be in the area and others may be located just steps from the beach, ensuring you can see the extravaganzas from your back patio! The 4th of July may just be another summer day to the denizens of Mexico, but for you, it is destined to be the most patriotic of celebrations! Reserve your favorite today!