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Enjoy margaritas on the beach on your list of romantic activities in Rocky Point

Most Romantic Activities for a Valentine’s Getaway in Rocky Point

Some years you can get away with flowers, candy, and a good dinner at your favorite restaurant, but this year is definitely not one of those years! As we look at 2020 in our rear-view windows, we are thankful that the year of turmoil has ended, but we can also see something else: the faces of those we love most, standing by us during times that were difficult. There may have been tears, even arguments at times, but your partner in life stood strong, figuring out dinner every night of the week, and finding ways to entertain you. Valentine’s Day 2021 deserves to be something special—spectacular even—and a getaway to the beautiful beaches of Rocky Point, Mexico and a stay in one of our cozy and stylish FMI Rentals love nests can be just that! This guide to romantic activities in Rocky Point you can partake in during your visit south of the border promises to make this holiday one your special someone will never forget.

Simple Gestures and Romantic Activities in Rocky Point

Not every expression of love has to be grand and over the top; sometimes the simple gestures have the greatest impact! Holding hands as you walk along shore’s edge at sunrise, listening to the sounds of the waves crashing against the beach and watching the sky go from midnight black to an explosion of color that takes your breath away at first sight. There will be no needs for words at these moments, as the extra squeeze of the hand held in yours will tell your sweetheart everything he or she needs to know.

It’s Still Early

Sunrises are awesome experiences but they do not last for long and once the skies turn blue and the sun smiles down on you, chances are you will be ready for a little nap. Head back to your hideaway to grab a few more z’s and if you are feeling especially loving, why not let your Valentine sleep a little longer and toss together a breakfast to be enjoyed in bed? Our fully equipped kitchens make cooking fun again and even the most novice of cooks can scramble a couple of eggs, put toast in the toaster, and stir together a delicious mimosa! Sam’s Club is now open in Rocky Point, if you feel uncomfortable exploring local grocery stores for the ingredients you need; pick up some eggs, champagne, and because you know she’s worth it, something sparkly from the jewelry counter! Watch the smile break out on her beautiful face as she surveys the feast you have prepared and then notices the shiny bauble you have placed conspicuously on the tray!

Riding Off into the Horizon Together

After you have rested and eaten, it is now time to discover all that Rocky Point has to offer for young lovers of all ages, and one of our favorite romantic activities is a horseback ride on the beach. We really can’t stay away from the beach, but once you arrive, you will definitely understand! You see it on television all of the time as the beautiful people swing into the saddles and gallop away, their hair streaming behind them. Don’t they make it look easy? It really is easy to ride the gentle beasts you will find at many of the stables located throughout Rocky Point. El Establo Ranch, Av. Plutarco Elías Calles 196, Bella Vista is one of the most popular establishments in the region; just stick to a sedate walk if you don’t think you can manage the bouncing that accompanies a good gallop!

Lunch on the Beach

Your Valentine weekend is definitely beach themed, but we don’t think you will complain as you fill the empty spaces in your stomach with a delicious lunch from Manny’s Beach Club! This local hotspot has been a Rocky Point tradition for as long as it has been open and the laidback beach vibe it offers is just one of the reasons this is so! Located at Av Coahuila S/N, Benito Juárez, Manny’s is open every day of the week, offering breathtaking views, mouthwateringly delicious meals, and all of your favorite drinks. Sharing a shrimp cocktail under tiki beach umbrellas with your feet in the sand, sipping margaritas, and feeling the Gulf breezes kiss your cheeks is an experience that will make you fall in love with your sweetheart all over again!

Hard to Believe the Day Is Only Half Over!

After an extended lunch at Manny’s, there are many ways you can spend the rest of your Valentine’s Day afternoon. Try shopping at Rocky Point’s version of Rodeo Drive, riding ATVs in the approved areas, or if the drinks you just sampled are making your head feel fuzzy, some quiet time back in your love nest is highly recommended! Reserve your FMI Rentals south of the border sanctuary today!