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Natural Attractions In Rocky Point

The natural beauty of our favorite coastal town has long been the attraction for visitors to flock to its shores, and aside from a brief stint as a quasi-speakeasy during Capone’s time, it’s always been the sea that brings it notice. Today, travelers from all over the world fall in love with its charms: long lazy days spent at the beach, hiking trails that lead to quiet spots where it feels as if the world belongs to you, and even dormant volcanoes that bring history to the region. Wherever you turn, wherever you look, there is something so naturally beautiful you find yourself unable to turn away. After you’ve climbed that last hill or frolicked in the sea until the sun sets over the horizon, our Rocky Point retreats will be here to offer rest and comfort until its time to go out and start out a new day!

The Sea of Cortez

Obviously, the sea is the star of this show, offering life, recreation, and serenity to the people who live here and to the people who travel thousands of miles to play on its sandy beaches. Nearly 70% of the fish purchased in the area come from these waters, and the blue whales that make their home in the sea are obviously fat and well fed, living on a steady diet of the sea’s bounty. Charter fishing is a popular sport, as are sunset cruises that follow the paths of the dolphins who frolic in these waters and the world that exists beneath the sea is as vibrant and bustling as the big cities in northern states and cosmopolitan countries found all over the equator. Known as the Aquarium of the World, the calm waters are protected as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, guests could snorkel or scuba dive in its depths every day of their lives and never experience all the sea has to offer.

Tidal Pools

The tidal pools found in the Cholla Bay are another example of the diversity of the Sea of Cortez. Offering a startling microcosm of the underwater world, these tidal pools harbor creatures of all sorts, including barnacles, lichens, hermit crabs, and starfishes. Grab a snorkel and dip your head under the surface and discover a brilliance of color that will take your breath away; from the greens and blues of sea anemone to the vibrant orange colors of starfish on the beach, it’s a Crayola box of color that you don’t have to pay to see.

The Sonoran Desert

Ironically, even as the sea is what attracts us, the climate is all desert, offering only 10 days of rain per year on average. It only takes a short drive to leave the balmy Gulf to find yourself in the arid heat of the desert, enjoying the site of cactus and mesquite trees growing from the sandy earth. The sand dunes found in the area are popular spots for ATV vehicles as beach driving is no longer allowed. Offering a different view of the mostly flat land of Rocky Point, the dunes are just one more example of the beauty of the area.

El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve

When looking for something REALLY different, a visit to El Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and its 600 square miles of volcanoes is definitely in order. Here is where you will find over 400 cinder cones and a history that never fails to fascinate. Located just under 50 kilometers (approximately 31 miles) away from the beautiful beaches, this arid area will surprise visitors and delight young children who believe in the magic of exploding volcanoes, but there is no need to worry; the last eruption took place about 11,000 years ago! The largest volcano in the reserve, El Elegante, features a 1.5-mile diameter and an 800-foot-deep void, as well as incredible views of the valley of volcanoes. Offering desert landscape and lava tubes and fields, there still manages to be an excitement that hangs in the air no matter how long it has been since one of the volcanoes exploded. Cerro Colorado is famous for its red earth, mimicking the surface of Mars, even though the area was once used as training grounds for astronauts heading to the moon!

Retreat in Comfort and Style

When it’s time to kick the dust from your shoes or wash the salt from your body, our FMI Rentals offer the perfect retreat in which to do so! Reserve yours today and take a break from the great outdoors, while you relax with your family and enjoy as many homemade margaritas as you can drink!