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New Spring Break Numbers Show Growth

Rocky Point has long been a popular Spring Break destination. During the most recent Spring Break season, Mayor Kiko Munro confirmed just how popular the area has become when he stated that expectations of tourism growth were met. He also stated that the vacation period also proved complicated in terms of operative and administrative issues due to the high number of visitors—specifically young people. However, there were no serious incidents, outside of the “traditional” mishaps.

Changes That Were Experienced

There were changes seen from previous years. For instance, the crowds this year were mainly seen in the Old Port area. The Public Safety Department reported that there were several traffic incidents reported during the first weekend. Most of these involved four-wheelers and Rhinos; however, there were no fatalities. There were, however, four people who were transported to the United States because of the seriousness of the injuries. There were no serious incidents in the water or in the beach areas, and no sting-ray or jelly fish incidents were reported. Additionally, the president of the board of the local Red Cross, Julio César Valenzuela indicated that the organization provided approximately 240 forms of service during the first weekend of Spring Break; however, none were serious.

Spring Break with FMI Rentals

While Spring Break may be a popular time to visit, the Puerto Peñasco area is a great destination any time of year. There are many activities and events throughout the year, so you can enjoy the fun of Spring Break, just about any time.

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