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Celebrating New Years in Rocky Point

New Year’s 2021 in Rocky Point

Feliz año nuevo to everyone who fought their way through a year that was scary and unhappy, Happy New Year’s to all who are ending the year with a positive attitude and a smile in their hearts, and to anyone who has decided to stay home this New Year’s Eve, we at FMI Rentals understand, but would like the opportunity to convince you otherwise! A New Year’s getaway south of the border promises to be the best way to show the last 12 months that you will not be bullied, and Rocky Point allows you to celebrate with a beach vacay that is guaranteed to start 2021 out the right way! There are only two things you have to do to have the best vacation of your life: Follow this guide and choose FMI Rentals for your holiday retreat for New Years in Rocky Point!

Warm and Welcoming

Although the weather will be a tad too chilly for swimming, the warmer temperatures are a balm to the shivering souls who travel here from way up north! Offering sunny skies and spectacular sunsets, your New Year’s Eve getaway will be warm, welcoming, and wonderful as you take moonlit strolls along the shores of the Sea of Cortez, start your mornings off with mimosas on the patio, and generally learning to forget all the bad stuff that occurred in the months leading up to this once in a lifetime holiday escape. Copious amounts of tequila can also help with the forgetting process, but we don’t recommend the morning after hangovers!

Spending Less Leaves More in Your Bank Account for 2021

In many places throughout the world, the lifestyle you seek can be prohibitively expensive, but in Rocky Point you can live like a king on a middle-class budget! Spend less for your drinks, your meals, even your souvenirs and when the new year arrives and you are back home preparing to get back into the swing of business things, your bank account will thank you and offer you a new year that is prosperous and fantastic!

Celebrate on the Beach This New Years in Rocky Point

Sadly, bonfires are prohibited on the beaches of Rocky Point, but even on the coldest of nights (and we are talking about temperatures in the 40s here, not subzero) sitting on the beach wrapped in your favorite hoodie watching the fireworks that are sure to be on display can be one of the most magical moments you have ever experienced. Create your own “ball drop” with a beach ball toss and spend this time discussing your hopes, dreams, and wishes for the upcoming year. You may have to huddle close when you begin to feel a little chilly, but that just puts you in the perfect position for your midnight kiss!

See What All the Clubs Have to Offer

The reality of your south of the border escape is you won’t be the only American celebrating on foreign soil; Rocky Point draws thousands and thousands of North American visitors every year! So go to the bars that make Rocky Point famous and expect to celebrate in much the same way you would back home, although maybe with a little more tequila and a little less champagne! Wrecked at the Reef, Paseo de la Duna, Playa Arenos and the Tekila Bar are always popular with the northerners seeking to live it up on New Year’s Eve!

Stay in and Celebrate in Comfort and Style

Our FMI Rentals are designed to comfort any time of the year, but they offer an extra sparkle during the holidays! Create your favorite munchies in our fully equipped kitchens; you can pick up the necessary ingredients in town during your explorations! Turn on some music and dance the night away or leave the lights low and spend these hours planning your attack on the new year! January 1st offers a blank slate, and you have already boosted your chances of 2021 being the year for you by saying so long to 2020 with us! Some of our properties boast rooftop decks to party the night away on while others claim cozy fireplaces that will keep away the chill. Beachfront cottages offer the opportunity for moonlit strolls and the possibility of fireworks and comfortable chaise lounges on the patios feature great spots to watch the sun set, rise, or for those who are up for the challenge, to watch both. Take a family photo in front of your sweet casita, looking back on the happy smiles and relaxed faces when your work meetings get too tense. And when the last sip of champagne has been taken, the final kiss of the old year has been stolen, and your eyelids refuse to cooperate and stay open for another second, drifting off into happy dreams comes easy in our super soft beds!

We Wish You a 2021 Filled with Happiness!

Reserve your New Year’s escape today, and Happy New Year to you and your family from FMI Rentals!