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Check out bikes at the Rocky Point Rally among your list of activities in Rocky Point

Our Favorite Fall Activities in Rocky Point

Summer doesn’t have to end, no matter what the calendar says, and Rocky Point, also known as Puerto Peñasco or paradise to those who seek forever summers, is the perfect example. While the temperatures do drop—just enough to keep you comfortable while you swim—and the crowds do lessen, Rocky Point offers a summer escape filled with fun and adventure long after that September 21st cut off date for the season! If you are planning a fall getaway to the forever summer village of Rocky Point and a stay in one of our FMI Rentals sanctuaries, this guide offers a few extra tips and hints on how to fill every second of your stay with fun and adventure with these activities in Rocky Point.

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Fall Tastes Like Tequila in Rocky Point

Now normally we would be thinking about celebrating Oktoberfest this time of year, and if that is what you seek, well, perhaps we could entice you to sip a little something special that isn’t beer! Fall tastes like tequila in Rocky Point and when you visit the Tequila Factory, Benito Juarez, between 12 and 13 streets, you may find yourself asking pumpkin spice what? Offering a tasty selection of tequilas in a variety of different flavors and a tasting room where the party only stops when the doors are locked for the day, your fall escape to our village of eternal summer will shine even brighter when you look at it through tequila flavored glasses!

Rocky Point Rally, November 11 – 14

2020 was supposed to be THE year for motorcycles in town, as they were celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Rocky Point Rally, but we all know what 2020 became famous for! Anyway, the cancellation of last year’s rally is a good thing for you, as they only moved it a year away and now you can have the time of your life as you honor your biker soul with the party of the year. Offering live entertainment, delicious food and drink, and a peek at motorcycles old and new, the Rocky Point Rally may not actually be the kick off to fall, but it WILL be the party you wish never had to end! For those who live within biking distance, we see a road trip with a happy ending in your future.

Fall Frolics on the Beach

As your family back home is slipping into suede boots and snuggling into a soft fall sweater, you, dear traveler, will be slipping into your favorite swimsuit and will begin working to ensure your summer tan stays brown a little longer! Hang out the beach, reading magazines and listening to your summer playlist as the sun beats down on your skin, or book a trip on the banana boats and laugh your way through the bumpy ride. There are no rules to a fall vacation in Rocky Point, except one: You are ORDERED to have the time of your life! If that means you take siestas under a colorful beach umbrella, so be it. Soon enough you will be heading back to the rainy or even snowy days of realty, and these moments will just be memories that you hold close, warming you on the coldest days of the years!

Day of the Dead, November 1 – 2

There’s nothing morbid at all about this exciting holiday that takes place over two days and celebrates the memory of friends and family who have passed. Celebrating with unique painted faces and sweet cakes, although it is not to be compared to our own Halloween, the holiday does show some similarities, including costumes and sweets. Declared a bank holiday, the banks may be closed, but many of the stores and restaurants in town will be open and honoring their own families with altars holding foods that their favorite relatives loved in life. Parades may be held, tears may fall, but this heartwarming celebration will touch your heart!

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After the Activities in Rocky Point, Stay In and Play

Not everyday of your Rocky Point getaway has to be spent rushing from place to place, determined to eke every last bit of fun out of every minute! Some of the best times will happen in your FMI Rentals fall sanctuary, and as you sit on rooftop terraces toasting sunsets and full moons, dance barefoot with your favorite traveling partner in the living rooms of our homes or sip margaritas on balconies overlooking the Sea of Cortez, you will know that somehow, against all odds, you found your forever summer paradise! Extend the season a little longer with a visit south of the border and a stay in one of our comfortable escapes. Reserve yours today!