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restaurants at Rocky Point

Our Favorite New Restaurants at Rocky Point

Although Mexico is known primarily as the land of sunshine and tradition, our cocky little hometown of Rocky Point has done its best to prove to the world we are something different! Offering hotels with the new hotel smell and shops that still have that thin vinyl cling that keeps them looking fresh and unscratched, new is better in Puerta Peñasco, and that includes the restaurants that pop up on the landscape every day! This guide to the newest restaurants at Rocky Point will help ensure that every bite you take is better than the one before it. Enjoy!

La Lotería Cantina & Grill

Located at Blvd. Freemont #150, Benito Juárez and offering the flavors of Mexico and the sea, this new spot has recently become one of the most desired in the region! Featuring karaoke nights and tasty margaritas, your Mexican adventure will be muy caliente after spending any of your evenings at La Lotería!

Lolita Seafood

This seafood restaurant may not be new to the area, but it was new to us, and we are happy to disclose that we fell in love with their buffet! Offering a mix of Mexican seafood staples with a few American dishes added to the mix, it’s guaranteed that no one will come away hungry after a meal here—even if you skip the buffet and order from the kitchen!

Los Magueyales Restaurant and Bar

The party atmosphere of Rocky Point is quite apparent in the restaurants that dot the area; most names end with bar or cantina, and that’s perfectly alright with us! Los Magueyales Restaurant and Bar has become one of our newest favorites. Located at Calle 13, Ferrocarrilera and serving the Mexican dishes we can’t live without, our visit to this cheerful and welcoming restaurant was the highlight of our week!

Creativity at Home

Not everyone wants to eat every meal out, but we all do HAVE to eat, and the fully equipped kitchens in our FMI Rentals rental homes are designed to make meal prep easy and fun! Pick up the necessities at one of our local markets and get creative with tequila and spices; your entire family will be happy with the outcome! Reserve your stay with us today and discover what so many people who have come before you already know: FMI Rentals will be your favorite home away from home!