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Our Favorite Rocky Point Activities in the Fall

Coming to Rocky Point during the fall season is a wise decision. You’re going to love the weather here this time of year, and you’ll find so many fun activities to fill out your day. Here are some of our favorite Rocky Point activities to do in the fall:

Visit the World Heritage Site

When the sun is a little less hot overhead, it’s the perfect time to come and visit the beautiful desert landscape. Take a scenic drive to the park and check out the impressive craters, sand dunes, ancient lava flows, diverse wildlife, and even a little bit of water. You’ll have a new appreciation for the Mexican desert after this adventure.

Take a Ride on an ATV

Looking for even more adventure this fall? Rent an ATV and go for a thrilling ride through the city. You can even use this as your primary transportation while you’re here, if you like! Many people do. Make sure to take it out on the dunes, though, because that’s where all the real fun is.

Walk the Cholla Mall

Cholla Mall is such a fun and lively place to shop that you could while away the entire day here if you wanted to. With friendly shop owners, lovely autumn weather, and a wide array of seaside restaurants to choose from, you won’t be able to tear yourself away. Grab a window seat here at one of the many dining choices and enjoy fresh seafood before you head to the beach in the afternoon!

Go Fishing

Try something new this autumn! Charter a boat ride for some open sea fishing. There is an abundance of fish waiting for you out there in the Sea of Cortez, you just have to go looking for it! This is a great way to enjoy the sea in later months when it starts to get a little colder and you don’t want to swim all day long.

Visit Isla San Jorge

It’s about a 90-minute boat ride out to this island, all of which you’ll get to spend enjoying the wonders and beauty of the Sea of Cortez. Keep an eye out for sea lions, dolphins, and more! There’s a plethora of fish out here, and you’ll see more than you ever imagined. This is perfect for a day trip and will easily be the highlight of your entire vacation.

Plan Your Fall Vacation Today

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