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Outdoor Rocky Point Adventures

If you’re coming to Rocky Point, then you’re almost certainly the kind of person who adores the outdoors! We do too, and that’s why we love it here in Rocky Point, where the water is perfect, the sun is always shining, and there are a million different ways to enjoy yourself outside. Here are a few of our favorites:

Soak up the Sun on Playa Bonita Beach

There are so many great beaches to choose from here in Rocky Point, but our favorite will always be Playa Bonita. This is the perfect beach for all manner of activities, whether you want to go tanning, swimming, or even kayaking.

Cross the Sea to Isla San Jorge

If you’d like to take some true Rocky Point adventures, head over to Ecofun Rentals and board a boat for a daytrip out onto the open waters, all the way to the small Isla San Jorge. You’ll enjoy the boat ride, spot all kinds of local sea life in its natural habitat, and you can even go snorkeling at the island.

SUP at the Beach

Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a great water sport for people who like their sports to be more on the relaxing side than the extreme, and for those who are maybe less experienced. The learning curve is shallow, and you’ll be able to take the whole family. Check out SUPing the Seaside for paddleboard rentals.

Zoom Down a Zipline

Rocky Point Ziplines offers the biggest zipline adventure you can find in all of Sonora, Mexico. It’s the top rated zipline in Rocky Point, and you’ll see why once you’re riding it over the rocky mountainside with that view of the water! It’s only $60 per person for a pass to all five ziplines. You can’t beat that.

Parasail Over the Open Waters

What better way to get a rush of adrenaline and a memory to last a lifetime? With Rocky Point Parasailing you can take up to three people per flight, and the flight lasts around an hour, making the cheap $55 price more than worth it. You’ll get a view of the ocean, the beach, and the city that you’ll never forget.

Start Your Adventure with FMI

The easiest part of planning your vacation to Rocky Point will be taking the first step with us today. Just give us a call at (602) 288-8609 (US) or (602) 388-0773 (MX) and we’ll help you find the perfect rental home to spend your stay in.