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Plan a 4th of July Escape to Rocky Point

It’s amazing how quickly time flies by now that we are free to travel and explore once again. In case you may have missed it, 4th of July is just a few short weeks away! Now we know that many of our guests spent their “time out” traveling virtually, but it’s so much more fun when you are able to do so for real, and if your travels bring you to Rocky Point, we can promise a beach escape filled with fun and laughter! This guide to your all-American 4th of July spent south of the border will ensure that every minute is jam-packed and the only negative will be when it’s time to roll your suitcases away from your FMI Rentals beachfront hideaway and return to real life!

Patriotic Pancakes

It’s true that Mexico doesn’t celebrate our Independence Day, but it’s also true that you don’t need organized celebrations to have a great time during your stay! Our fully equipped kitchens make cooking fun, so start the day out preparing, patriotic pancakes which are basically the same as regular pancakes, but we add strawberries, blueberries, and a sprinkle of powdered sugar to add some red, white, and blue! You can add the berries to the batter, or if you feel that’s too much work, simply pile them on top; a little advanced planning could allow you to bring blueberry or strawberry syrup with you if the fruits make your favorite cheat dish seem a little too healthy!

The Water’s Perfect

Sure, the beaches will be a little crowded as the warm waters are enticing to travelers from all over the world, but celebrations are happier with more people! Stake out your “beach acreage” and spend the day frolicking in the surf. Swimming, tanning, and riding the banana boats are always a hit with out guests! Of course, after the lessons we have learned over the last few months, you may want to stay away from the crowds; renting a boat will allow you to keep away from others and gives you the freedom to play in the water while keeping you healthy and safe. If you’re unsure of your boating skills, the guides at from Santiago’s Ocean Services will take you way out in the deep; offering fishing trips, eco tours, snorkeling excursions, and dolphin and whale watching, your 4th of July will be unforgettable! For wildlife watchers, a visit to Pelican Beach can be the highlight of your holiday; the pictures you take in this scenic spot will all be frame-worthy!

All the Pretty Shells

One of our favorite parts of living at the beach is being able to collect all the pretty shells we find during morning walks, and trust us, it will be one of your favorite parts of your stay. As you take a sunset stroll, be sure to remember to look up at the main event; collecting shells can be addicting, but you won’t want to miss the fiery show in the sky! For a more in-depth look at shells, the Sea Shell Museum is always a fascinating experience, even knowing you need to make an appointment during summer months by filling out the form on their website. Offering a gift shop that sells craft items, clothing, and home design tchotchkes, you won’t go home emptyhanded after your visit.

Make Your Getaway All-American

Many of our FMI Rentals 4th of July escapes offer a vacation experience in themselves, meaning you don’t have to leave the premises to have a blast! Rent a luxury home with private pool and throw yourself an old-fashioned pool party, complete with barbecued foods, red, white, and blue decorations, and a delicious Independence Day cocktails sure to bring a smile to your taste buds. Our favorite drink, appropriately called the Fourth of July Cocktail, may take a steady hand to create, but the three ingredients make it easy to prepare. Simply requiring 1 part grenadine, 1 part curacao, and 1 part vodka or cream (the cream will give it the perfect red, white, and blue look, but the vodka will make it stronger!), the bartender starts by filling a glass 1/3 of the way with grenadine. The next step requires pouring the Blue Curacao over the back of a spoon (to keep the ingredients from mixing). The final step also involves the spoon, as you fill the remainder of the glass with your vodka or cream. Delicious, refreshing, and oh so patriotic, this beverage will be the best one you never remember drinking!

Plan Your 4th of July  Perfect Getaway

Remember, this isn’t a Mexican holiday, so we can’t answer as to whether there will be fireworks, but that’s ok! The fun you’ve had during your south of the border Independence Day getaway more than makes up for not seeing fireworks, especially when you choose FMI Rentals for your holiday home. Reserve a stay with us today!