Be Prepared to Rent

There are several things to know before renting a Rocky Point vacation home, both for your protection and to have the best experience. It’s not hard to be informed, so we prepared a short list to make sure you are in the know when making your reservations in Rocky Point!

Book Early

This is especially true if you are planning to try and get into the best Mexico resorts or are staying during a peak time, like Spring Break. Booking early doesn’t take any extra time and will likely even help you find a better rate!

The Best Vacation Spots are Based on You

That’s right, you don’t have to be in the Mayan Castle to be in the best vacation spot. There’s no point in having the very best room service on call if you are never in the room, and if you never go swimming, a pool amenity is inconsequential. Consider what you want in a rental and book based on that, not on reputation alone. The best Mexico vacation spots depend entirely on your preferences!

They May Cost More

A room fee isn’t all you’re paying. Be prepared for additional fees, and of course tax, when booking a room. Don’t necessarily worry about it, but budget with a bit of room so any pop up fees don’t throw you for a loop. Generally, these fees may pop up with last-minute rentals, bringing pets, or having additional guests staying in the spot.

Some Rentals Don’t Have Room Service

Hotels and resorts certainly do, but if you are in a rental by an individual owner, even overseen by a management company, room service is unlikely. That’s not bad per say, it just means you have to pick up your own towels off the floor and make the bed; it also means you’ll have an extra bit of peace and quiet.

The Off-Season Means Better Prices

Summer and spring break bring in the largest flocks of people to Rocky Point, Mexico. By the simple rules of supply and demand, this means the prices go up. If you aren’t partial to these typical vacation times, you can visit in fall or winter for a likely discount in room rates and less crowded beaches. It will be a bit chilly, but some people don’t mind.

Be in the Know

Knowing what to expect will help prevent you from being sidelined with surprises. Vacations are supposed to be a great time, so don’t stress. Knowing how to make reservations in Rocky Point alone puts you in a position of power, enabling you to have an even great getaway on your Rocky Point vacation rental.