image_84185Investing in a vacation rental property can be a great way to make some extra income. However, in order to draw in a steady flow of renters, the property must be properly prepared for their arrival. If you’ve made the decision to hire a property management company to help you oversee and maintain the rental, there are several tasks that should be taken care of before you hand over the keys.

Make Sure It Has Been Thoroughly Cleaned

Nothing will displease renters more than paying to stay in dirty accommodations. The entire place should be spotless, but this is especially true for the kitchen as well as all bathrooms. If scrubbing, mopping, vacuuming, and dusting isn’t your strong point or you don’t have the desire to take on these tasks, consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

Furnish, Decorate, and Stock With Quality Items

A vacation rental should provide travelers with as much comfort and convenience as possible. This means making sure that it’s furnished and decorated stylishly and has plenty of space to lounge and relax. It should be well-stocked with everything that guests will need during their stay, to include: clean towels and linens, extra pillows and blankets, cleaning supplies, updated appliances, new cooking and eating utensils, and basic toiletry items.

Make Any Necessary Upgrades to the Paint and Landscaping

If you want to receive positive reviews from renters, it’s important that the exterior of the property be just as attractive as the interior. A fresh coat of paint and well-manicured yard require little cost and will make a big impact on the curb appeal.

Fix Any Potential Hazards

Safety should be a top priority when renting out a property. A complete inspection should be done to determine any potential hazards so they can be addressed well before any guests are staying there. If anyone is injured on your property, it could mean serious legal problems.

Create a List of Detailed Instructions

It’s vital to let your property manager know exactly what you expect from renters ahead of time. It helps to create a list of detailed instructions that go over everything they need to know about renting your property out so it can be listed correctly. Explain your house rules and provide information for working various appliances and electronics.

Learn How to Stage it For Marketing Purposes

Marketing your property to stand out from all the other vacation rentals in your area will be an essential part of drawing in renters. It’s recommended that professional photos be taken to include with any listing information and on advertising materials. Some staging tips can help get the image across that you wish to convey. Make sure counter space is uncluttered, set the dining table with plates, create a fun atmosphere with your outdoor living space, put luxurious-looking linens on the beds, and highlight any special amenities that are particularly appealing.

For more valuable tips on preparing your Rocky Point property for renters, contact the vacation rental experts at FMI Rentals. We have helped numerous property owners set their rentals up for success.