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The exterior view of this Rocky Point vacation home

Property Walkthrough: Azul Mariposa

The simple butterfly is an insect that everyone loves. Floating delicately through the air and appearing in a variety of colors, it represents freedom, that rare state of being that we all seek. You may not feel very free during your day-to-day life, as you take part in meetings, phone calls, household chores, and a variety of school events and activities that keep you chained to your chair. When it comes time to start planning your south of the border escape, however, freedom is the first thing you should look for, and it is easily found when you choose Azul Mariposa (Blue Butterfly) to shelter you during your stay in Rocky Point! This property offers five vibrantly colorful bedrooms, four equally colorful bathrooms decorated in the traditional Mexican tiles, and the laid-back beach lifestyle where nothing is more pressing than spending as much time as you can soaking in the rays and drinking margaritas! This guide to one of our larger sanctuaries will give you a peek into your future vacation experiences.

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For the Love of Color

How Azul Mariposa received its name is quite apparent, and as the grand white building trimmed in bright blue first appears in your line of sight, you may find yourself uttering a gasp of delight. A set of imperial stairs—two-sided ones that meet in the middle at the top—surrounds the oversized wooden door that serves as your entry to the most relaxing vacation of your life! Walk inside and follow the path created by traditional Saltillo tiles and feel welcomed immediately. Walls painted a warm terracotta frame rooms filled with light, including a living room space decorated in Latin style. A comfy couch centers the room, facing a cabinet that hides a television and a charming beehive fireplace that promises to offer extra warmth and romance on chilly nights in the winter. But as your eyes travel up, past the large windows offering views of the sea, it is the expansive coffered ceiling constructed of limewashed brick that serves as an exclamation mark to the beauty of the living room.

This room is open to the dining room, the heart of this Rocky Point vacation home, and the kitchen featuring updated appliances, a Mexican tile backsplash in bright blue, and the continuation of the coffered ceiling covered in lime washed red bricks, accented by palm frond style ceiling fans that will help keep the rooms cool in the summer. (Air conditioning and heating is offered here as well!) This space truly represents the heart of Mexico, ensuring that your time spent here will help bring back the joy of cooking or at the very least, the joy of blending up a killer batch of tequilas. A visit to the Tequila Factory in downtown Rocky Point should be added to your vacation itinerary to make sure your margaritas have the right amount of kick. If you are traveling with more than one family, the smaller second kitchen and separate seating area allows guests to settle in their separate corners of the house. Gather around the old Spanish style table that is the focal point of the dining space and put together large puzzles, play board games and cards, or devour fresh shrimp tacos made with shrimp you purchased from the downtown mercado.

When you have finished exploring all the amenities inside this special place, head outside to the patio and prepare to be wowed! A barbecue grill offers a third place to prepare seafood, a patio table allows for al fresco dining with a view, and rows of chairs lined up along the patio give guests the “eye candy” they have been waiting for. The Sea of Cortez is never as beautiful as it is when seen with a fresh margarita in hand, and as the sun sets over the sea each evening, you are guaranteed to have the best seats in the house! Out here, as sea breezes kiss your cheeks and the sounds of waves crashing against sandy beaches play in your ears like the music of a symphony orchestra, you will discover that yes, you do have a spirit “animal,” and that animal is the Azul Mariposa!

The freedoms you have to do whatever you like in Mexico extend to sleep, and when the moon reflects off the waters below, your eyes begin to droop, and the first yawns start to happen, sliding between the silky soft sheets of our cloud soft beds will give you the last luxury of every day. A full night’s sleep, uninterrupted, deep, and filled with good dreams is a pleasure you rarely get to enjoy in real life, but in Mexico in our Azul Mariposa, it is simply another standard occurrence!

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Our Blue Butterfly offers the rest, relaxation, and freedom your soul requires. Reserve it today!