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The swimming pool at this rocky point villa

Property Walkthrough: Bella Vista 27

Bella Vista translates, rather appropriately, to “beautiful view,” and although the views may not be the first thing you notice when you pull into the single-car garage that will protect your car from the elements, but it will be the last thing you forget. Offering three cozy and comfortable bedrooms, two sleek and modern baths, and access to all this gated community’s amenities—including a pool, for those days you just do not feel like washing the salt water from your hair—this unique property located an easy distance from the beaches of the Gulf is destined to be your favorite, especially when you climb the spiral staircase the rooftop kitchen and catch your first glimpse of the beautiful views! This guide to Bella Vista and all the things that make it the vacation home of your dreams will give you a clearer picture of what to expect in your in our FMI Rentals south of the border casa away from casa.

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A Rocky Point Villa Designed for You

The creamy stuccoed exterior of Bella Vista is the first thing that may catch you by surprise, especially if your home is located east of the Mississippi, but in the warmer climes of the Southwest, stucco is a preferred construction material, offering natural insulating properties that summer visitors will appreciate, even though this sweet property does offer central heat and AC. Giving a uniquely hacienda style to the exterior, guests may receive their second surprise upon opening the dark wood door and discovering a space that is bright, airy, and ultimately decorated with a modern spin. Touches of old Mexico can be found throughout, however, in the curved edges of walls, in glass block cut outs that allow light to flow through, and in the variety of materials used to draw attention to coffered ceilings found in various rooms throughout the house.

The kitchen may strike you as thoroughly modern, for example, as you take in in the sight of dark wood custom cabinets, cool granite countertops, tiled backsplash, and stainless steel state-of-the-art appliances, but then you look up and see it: a coffered ceiling framed in red timbers, giving the space a warmth and subtly Mexican appeal. The open concept of this property allows guests to take just a few steps to reach what we often consider the heart of the home, the dining area dominated with a round wood table surrounded by a selection of chairs padded for your comfort. Here is where you may find yourself playing board games on the rarest of occasions in Rocky Point, a rainy day. It is where you will enjoy big meals, big laughs, and the company of family and friends that have joined you on this getaway. When you look up, this intimate space offers another coffered ceiling, this one lined with red bricks, giving the space a feel of country and home and perhaps giving you some ideas for a room back in your house!

A living room with plush sofas, a large screen television, and a gorgeous modern style window peeks out onto the landscape while allowing unobstructed views of one of nature’s most beautiful miracles, the sun setting over the horizon in a blaze of fiery colors. Don’t get too comfortable on this couch, because your ordinary getaway is about to turn into an extraordinary experience as you head outside and then up! A small bistro set sits out on the patio, offering the perfect spot to sit, sip, and relax, but it’s the spiral staircase we mentioned earlier that leads you to what justifiably might be called the selling point of this beautiful structure. Carefully make your way up this sturdy staircase and immediately understand how Bella Vista got her name as the seascape of our once sleepy fishing village spreads out before you! An outdoor kitchen, complete with running water and long expanses of tiled counter (perfect for food prep), offers a wonderful substitute to spending all your time cooped up inside preparing meals, while seating options allow you to simply spend your minutes comfortably enjoying the views from up here—views that include the sea that is located just a few minutes away from this Rocky Point villa! Sip margaritas, enjoy fresh grilled seafood that you caught yourself during a fishing charter, or dance a slow dance with your favorite traveling partner, getting lost in the romance of Mexico at night. The memories made in this rooftop paradise will be the ones that seep into the dreams you have in our comfy beds below and in your own bed thousands of miles away.

A Getaway You Will Never Forget

However long your Rocky Point journey lasts, your time spent with us is guaranteed to be filled with fun, surf, and great food, but perhaps the best times of all will take place right here in Bella Vista. Reserve this special place today!