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The front yard of this Rocky Point vacation rental

Property Walkthrough: Casa Del Paraiso

Proving once again that paradise can be yours during your Rocky Point escape, our FMI Rentals Casa del Paraiso, a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom family home located just seconds from the beach will give travelers all the comforts they need to feel right at home during their time away! Up to 8 guests can enjoy the modern conveniences and lush luxuries found inside one of our more popular South of the Border sanctuaries and if reading this guide to everything that can be found in paradise, Casa del Paraiso, doesn’t convince you to book now, it’s ok. Although today we are shining the spotlight on this charming home, FMI Rentals offers many other homes that will fit your needs! In the meantime, let’s take a tour through paradise, shall we?

Reflecting the Beauty of the Sea

A beach vacation in Rocky Point is one of those experiences you will never forget and when you first step inside Casa del Paraiso, you will understand your getaway is about to get even better. The sea, located just 2 minutes away from this Rocky Point vacation rental, makes its presence known in the décor and colors of the home with sea-gray painted walls providing the perfect backdrop to the artwork that represents the waters that surround our south-of-the-border hometown. A living room offering soft leather furnishing, a state-of-the-art television, and a view of the kitchen in this open-concept floor plan will be where your family gathers together after a long day of Mexico adventures. The dining space, tucked away in the corner provides the perfect place to not just eat and talk but to play board games and put together puzzles under the watchful eye of a school of fish swimming on the walls above the table. The kitchen is both modern and inviting, featuring marble tiles, glossy black cabinets, and updated appliances that will be put to good use on those days when you just don’t feel like eating out. Bright and open, a large peninsula offers to seat 6 on wood barstools and is a great place to relax with your morning cup of coffee. The back patio provides a secondary option for dining, and when the family is gathered under the shaded patio, perhaps enjoying fresh fish caught during a deep sea fishing expedition and grilled right there on a shiny new grill, this will be just another memory that you will never want to forget! A washer and dryer will ensure that your fishy-smelling clothing will not have to be packed away in your suitcase, bringing its unpleasant aromas to your bedroom back home!

The Luxury of Sleep in This Rocky Point Vacation Rental

As you spend your days shopping, dining out, and frolicking on beaches that are located within walking distance of paradise, spending your nights sleeping in tranquil bedrooms will be one of the highlights of your trip. Choose the master bedroom with its king bed and enjoy a little extra space at night or cuddle close to your favorite traveling companion in the plush and comfortable queen beds that fill the remaining two rooms. The beach is never far from your mind or your point of view, as each room provides a beachy décor that soothes as it brings tranquility and peace to the happy dreams you enjoy in these spaces. Air conditioning and ceiling fans keep the rooms cool during the hottest months of summer and in the winter, electric heating can be turned to the temperatures you need to stay warm and cozy. The two baths of Casa del Paraiso are modern spaces, kept bright with luxurious white marble tiles, walk-in showers, and a beautiful spa-like ambiance that will spoil all who utilize the rooms.

Every Minute will be the Best Minute

It’s the little moments when you are sitting out on the back patio toasting another beautiful sunset and you know that you still have many more sunsets to enjoy that will bring you happiness during your stay, and it’s the large moments that including catching your first fish or finding that beautiful piece of turquoise you know you will wear forever, that will ensure that your visit to Rocky Point will never be forgotten. And it will be all the minutes combined that will have you wishing that these glorious days in paradise never had to end! Start your days with a sunrise walk on the beach, watching the sky turn from velvety black to sea gray and pink and finally that clear and beautiful blue you just can’t find anywhere else. End them with a walk on the same shores, glowing under the light of the moon and finding it hard to believe that after all your hard work and planning you are actually here. Every minute will be the best one as you spend a delicious week or more under the roof of our Casa del Paraiso. Reserve it today!