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View from this Rocky Point vacation rental

Property Walkthrough: Casa Pelicano

As it becomes time to begin writing the next vacation chapter of your life, you may find yourself seeking a unique experience that includes desert fun, waterfront excitement, and of course, a spicy Mexican meal or two, which means Rocky Point, Mexico is in your future! Because the most discerning of travelers understand that only a stay in one of our FMI Rentals will offer the vacation experience you have been yearning for, we thought we would give you a sneak peek into your future with a walkthrough of one of our more popular models, Casa Pelicano. Featuring 3 warm and comfortable bedrooms, 2 spacious baths, and a view of the coastline of the Sea of Cortez that promises to be the star of your dreams for decades to come, this Rocky Point vacation rental property is guaranteed to be one you will never want to leave!

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Feels Familiar

As you pull up in front of the stucco and brick exterior of this special home, you may feel as if you have seen it before, but that is only because the old Spanish style has decorated the sets of many of your favorite Westerns. Open the wood front door and step into a world of country charms and vibrant colors that immediately welcomes and makes you feel at home. Tile floors are cool beneath sandy and bare feet, leading the way to an open floor plan and the immediate realization of how Casa Pelicano (house of the pelican) gained its name! The fully equipped kitchen featuring mint green walls, granite countertops, and an arched décor piece created from colorful Mexican tile offering a mosaic pelican as a beautiful and whimsical focal point! A dining set is placed against a wall of glass doors, allowing for incredible views and the opportunity to bring the outdoors in as you dine, play games, or simply sit with a margarita losing yourself in the views of the sea.

The open concept floor plan allows everyone to do their own thing while still feeling connected to their traveling partners, and the cozy living room filled with comfy furnishings is destined to be a happy gathering point for all who stay there! Watch a little television, read the books that have been sitting on your nightstand at home for far too long, or stretch out on the soft sofa and take a nap on a quiet and stress-free Saturday morning; there is no limit to the good times that can be had in Casa Pelicano!

At the end of every fun-filled day in Rocky Point, when your eyes start to droop and you find yourself seeking sleep, the bedrooms of Casa Pelicano are where happy dreams will take place. They offer comfortable beds with colorful coverings and windows that look out over the sea which can be thrown open, letting in the crisp breezes and the roaring of the surf, easing your way into a deep and uninterrupted sleep. Spending your days playing on the shores of the Sea of Cortez and your nights falling asleep to the song of the sea promises to make your south of the border getaway one that you will never forget!

Beach Life Is the Best Life In This Rocky Point Vacation Rental

Casa Pelicano is destined to sneak its way into your heart, but it is more than the comfortable furnishings and colorful décor that will make you fall in love. It is being able to throw open the windows and hear the roar of the surf all through the house or walking out on the patio and staring out at the water as you sip margaritas and feel the sea breezes kissing your cheeks. Two levels of decks offer panoramic views you will never be able to forget, and comfortable seating may lead to moments that you will consider the highlight of your getaway every time you think back to your time at Casa Pelicano. Enjoy early morning walks at shore’s edge as the sky pinkens and the sun rises, and sunset strolls that stop you in your tracks as you watch the sky come alive with a fiery explosion of color. Take part in fun adventures on banana boats and jet skis or quiet moments spent counting your blessings as you feel the harsh edges of real life soften and your soul beginning to feel less frazzled. Casa Pelicano is located close to shopping, restaurants, and everything that makes Rocky Point the wonderful place it is. Play, dine, and relax under the sunny skies of Mexico!

Vacation Dreams Can Come True

Every daydream you have ever had about sunrise walks on the beach, every nighttime dream you have experienced about waking up each day to views of the sea, and every passing thought in which you wondered what life would be like if you were at the beach can be realized when you choose FMI Rentals and Casa Pelicano for your vacation sanctuary! Reserve this special property today!