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The pool at our Rocky Point rental home

Property Walkthrough: Casa Primo

When you think of a typical Mexican hacienda, your mind probably takes you in the direction of creamy yellow stucco, red tile roofs, and rooms decorated in vibrant jewel tones and in most cases, you would be probably be correct. But when you choose FMI Rentals for your vacation accommodations at Rocky Point, you will soon discover that we like to throw curveballs every so often and Casa Primo, is the perfect example! Offering 4 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, and a modern aesthetic that appeals to the most sophisticated of travelers, this elegant Rocky Point rental home located just 5 minutes from the beach promises to make your vacation dreams come true!

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Designed to Please

Quirky, sophisticated, and comfortable will be some of your favorite adjectives to use when you first step inside the heavy wood doors adorned with large clear windows inset at angles. Take off your shoes and feel how cool and soft the tile floors feel against your bare feet and start the tour of your home away from home. Crisp white walls keep temperatures cool, even on the hottest days of summer, and provide the perfect backdrop for artwork that ranges from soft and colorful landscapes to unique wood representations of flowers. The living room is a strong yet comfortable space, featuring overstuffed leather sofas, one of which is curved and offers an attached chaise making it a great space for naps, open shelving, and a large flat screen television hanging on the wall opposite the sofa. Tucked away in the corner is a small bar, featuring bar stools, a water cooler with bottled water, and some very fun times when you fill the shelves with your favorite tequilas!

A large dining room offers a dark wood table and chairs as the focal point, followed by the large window that peeks out over the courtyard beyond. This is where puzzles can be put together, games can be played, and spicy south of the border meals can be devoured! Speaking of dining, the fully equipped kitchen in Casa Primo is where the wow factor really shows itself in this popular escape, offering stainless steel appliances, including a custom stainless steel hood over the gas stove, cabinets stained a rich deep mahogany, and fun granite countertops with hues and style that resembles the sands of our Rocky Point beaches. Undercabinet rope lighting allows for easy middle of the night snacking and an institutional styled blender is up to the challenge of blending as many margaritas as you desire!

A curved staircase with stainless steel rails leads up to the private spaces of Casa Primo, but first, let’s head outside to the courtyard of the casa and see what kind of mischief we can get into, shall we? Out here under the warmth of the Mexican sun, green grass provides a colorful accent to the pool, wood picnic table, and built-in barbecue grill that make this space their home, but is it real or is artificial turf? We will leave that mystery to you to determine on your own! Soak up the rays in the heat of the day while lounging on loungers built into the Baja shelf of the pool or practice your cannonballs in the deep end. Grill the fresh seafood you caught during your fishing charter trip, prepping it on the large surface of the granite topped cabinets that line the side wall. A seating area opposite the picnic table offers a great place to sit, sip, and chat with your fellow vacationers but no matter how you choose to use this enclosed courtyard, the palm trees planted in the corners of the yard are a constant reminder that you chose to visit paradise for your vacation getaway!

Sleep Tight Every Night in This Rocky Point Rental Home

As this tour of wonder draws nearer to its end, it is time to explore the rooms that are designed for peace, tranquility, and the best night’s sleep you have ever experienced! The bedrooms are the most comfortable spaces in the home, featuring premium mattresses topped with soft linens that won’t irritate the sunburn you may have received from your days at the beach. Jacuzzi tubs, one in the master en suite, another in one of the guest baths, allow guests to soak away the aches and pains of vacation travel, and a sea blue color scheme in all the bedrooms serves as a reminder that, yes, the beach is just a few minutes away from your front door! For your more practical needs, a pair of two-car garages offer the space for up to six cars, and a washer and dryer included with the property allows you to wash the clothes you brought and save room for souvenirs in the luggage you carry back to real life!

The Tour Is Over

But your vacation adventures have not yet begun to start! Reserve this special property today.