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The seating at our Rocky Point vacation rental

Property Walkthrough: La Felicidad

The holidays are coming, and if you find yourself needing a bit of peace, tranquility, and beach time to help get you in the right mind space, a visit to Rocky Point, Mexico and a stay in one of our favorite FMI Rentals is exactly what the doctor ordered! Spend your days frolicking in the surf, and your nights sleeping comfortably in the colorful interior of La Felicidad, offering two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and views that will change your life. Prepare yourself for the holidays ahead facing the madness with quiet competence as the rest and relaxation you experienced in Rocky Point will give you strength. This guide to your beachfront getaway will give you a peek into your vacation future and quite possibly have you clicking on the bright green Book Now button before you reach the end!

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Relaxation South of the Border Style in This Rocky Point Rental

Stucco walls and red tile roof will be the first hints that you are NOT at home anymore, and as you walk inside, the fiesta style décor will welcome you wholeheartedly! Follow the cool red tiles into the living area of your vacation casa away from home and immediately feel your spirits lift and your travel exhaustion start to pale. It is impossible to feel anything but happy and excited in La Felicidad, especially after your first glimpse of that wall of windows exposing the sea and sand that is the backyard of this home. The living room, however, does offer its own charms, (aside from those views) featuring a plush blue sofa strategically placed so as to enjoy views of the Sea of Cortez and the television tucked away in a rustic wood cabinet. The Equipale coffee table and beehive fireplace in the corner (not to be used, but it does give the room style!) offer more clues that Kansas is far, far away!

The open concept floor plan reveals most of La Felicidad’s secrets and allows guests to do their own things while staying connected to each other. A wood dining table to the right of the table is watched over by a colorful painting of an old country Mexican street, serving multiple purposes as family comes together to dine, play games, and build puzzles in this spot. The kitchen displays a traditional Mexican tile backsplash, counters, and a cheerful ambience that helps put the joy back into cooking, especially when your fellow travelers pitch in to help with the chores! And as you stand before the sink, staring out onto the front patio of the home, you will know when it is time to put away the dishtowel, pick up your glass of wine (or margarita—we ARE in Mexico, after all!) and step out onto that patio overlooking the beach. As you slide open the oversized glass doors, stepping outside to feel ocean breezes kissing your cheeks and hear the roar of the waves crashing against the sand, you will also know that this moment is just about as perfect as it could be. Sip your beverage and watch the sun set, feeling all leftover troubles, fears, and worries melt away, and be sure to keep your camera close at hand; the pictures you take out here are all guaranteed to be frame worthy!

After the sun sets, your long days of play will soon have your eyelids drooping and the need to sleep will not be put off another moment longer. The color and character of La Felicidad’s two bedrooms will draw you towards them, allowing you to close the door and retreat from the world, sleeping deep until the sun peeks in the windows in the morning, reminding you there is still a lot of time left in your vacation! Preparing for the new day in either of the two bathrooms is guaranteed to be a fun experience, especially when you choose the traditional old country bathroom filled with more of that Mexican tile that is bright, colorful, and cheerful!

Time for You

The past months have been hectic ones and taking these moments right before the holidays to do something for you is important to your health, well-being, and your soul. Sleep in late and spend your vacation minutes sitting on that patio or walking the beach that is your backyard! The laidback lifestyle of beach life, combined with the sleepy vibe of our favorite Mexican fishing village promises to seep into your bones and make you feel as if you could conquer the world; after one more nap on that super soft blue couch. There are no rules as to how you are to spend your Rocky Point vacation, save one; you are ordered to have the best time of your life! Reserve La Felicidad today and fall in love with the charms of doing absolutely nothing in our Rocky Point vacation rental!