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The exterior of this condo in Rocky Point

Property Walkthrough: Princesa Sand Castillo

A Rocky Point vacation can be a carefree experience filled with fun and excitement but a Rocky Point vacation enjoyed in our FMI Rentals Princesa Sand Castillo promises to be an adventure you will never forget and one that you will wish never had to end. This charming resort condo in Rocky Point offers two colorful bedrooms, 2 spacious baths, and a deeper understanding of the true beauty of our neighbors to the south as you and up to 5 of your favorite people live together in peace and harmony! Spend your days enjoying the beach life of the Sea of Cortez (this unit is the nearest one to the beach in the Princesa community) and your nights resting, relaxing, and exploring the quiet comforts found inside. This guide to everything that makes Princesa Sand Castillo stand out in a “sea” of vacation rentals offers all the proof you need to choose it for your home away from home!

The Colors of Mexico

In a world that is often gray and white, we appreciate the vitality and brilliance of all the hues down here in Rocky Point and as you walk into Sand Castillo for the very first time, the evidence will be all around you. Walls the color of sunshine greet each guest as cool tile floors create a path to the public spaces of the condo. The living room, located at the far end of the open concept floor plan, is a bright and cheerful room anchored by a plush chocolate-colored sofa set that faces the television and the generously sized windows along the back wall.

Curtains the color of the Mexican flag line the windows, allowing guests to enjoy privacy at night, and a sliding glass door leads out to the patio where comfortable seating and a secondary dining area offer multiple ways to relax, even more, all performed in the sight of the Sea of Cortez (the ocean views from the deck will change your life). The dining room centers the large space of Sand Castillo, where a traditional heavy wood table surrounded by matching chairs provides a space meant for more than just eating. Here is where games can be played, online schooling can be completed, and planning sessions for your daily Rocky Point adventures can be held, and here is where many happy memories will be created!

The kitchen is a beautiful blend of Mexican culture and modern conveniences and brings cheer and happiness to the unit. Brightly hued tiles line the countertops and the backsplash and 3 carved wood barstools front the expanse of breakfast bar that takes up the front segment of the open kitchen. Stainless steel appliances, both large and small, ensure that meals can be created, leftovers can be reheated, and caffeine needs will be handily met. A porcelain plate in all shades of the rainbow is propped on top of the refrigerator, mugs that match hang from hooks under the custom cabinets, and the sun is always shining, either out the windows visible from the kitchen or in the form of the carvings on those wooden barstools!

Just beyond the reach of the kitchen, a bookshelf serves as the local “cantina” holding margarita, wine, and champagne glasses and all the accouterments that make bars handy for your drinking experiences. Throughout the floorplan of Sand Castillo, whimsical accents remind guests that the beach is always near, which is more than likely the main reason you have chosen Rocky Point for your vacation destination.

The Siesta Rooms May Feel Like a Fiesta

The bedrooms of Sand Castillo are where the true fun begins! The beds are soft and plush and will aid in the perfect night’s sleep and the colors of each room make it impossible to feel anything but happy! The master ensuite features a king bed with multicolored comforter contrasting with the cerulean walls and the attached ensuite bath continues the colorful tradition, this time offering walls the shade of cobalt. A brightly colored tin lizard climbs the wall outside the walk-in shower and a school of equally colorful porcelain fish swims above the single vanity. The second bedroom is another adventure in color, this time offering a queen bed that lies against walls the color of key limes! Enjoying access to the second bath (this one keeps the exact color of the bedroom with no changes in hue) and offers another walk-in shower and single vanity.

All the Extras in This Condo in Rocky Point

Access to the community pool which is heated in the winter also gives guests access to the pool bar where frothy drinks will keep you in a permanent state of serenity. Sand Castillo is closest to the pool (and the bar) and the beach is located just beyond so your entire stay can be spent enjoying the sea, the pool, and the laidback lifestyle that Rocky Point residents have embraced enthusiastically! Reserve this special unit today!