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Exterior view of this Rocky Point cottage rental

Property Walkthrough: Puesta Del Sol

As you begin to plan your south of the border journey to the seaside village of Rocky Point, you may be dreaming of long lazy days spent frolicking in the surf, dining on fresh seafood, and bargain shopping in cute shops filled with colorful items that you just won’t be able to live without. Your mind is filled with the taste of tacos and margaritas, your heart is already picturing the sight of the sun setting over the Sea of Cortez, and your brain has already begun its vacation hibernation, even if you still have weeks to go! Before your dreams can come true, however, you understand that the perfect seaside house is required to complete your fantasy experience, and we at FMI Rentals are offering up Puesta del Sol, a sweet 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom Mexican cottage on the Gulf for your perusal. Take a few minutes to explore with us and consider if this charming Rocky Point cottage rental provides the finishing touch for the perfect Mexican getaway!

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Colorful Charm

Puesta del Sol is not your standard cottage by the sea. Even as it offers the most important parts of the equation—the cottage and the sea—its typical Latin inspired design may change the way you look at beach décor forever! Follow the path made by cool tiles and discover a world in which color is the king and in which no color has been left behind. The kitchen offers dark wood cabinets, updated appliances, a compact center island, and a sunny backsplash of white and yellow tiles, providing a cheerful place to throw together sandwiches for a day at the beach or to whip up a batch of frothy margaritas. Nearby, a painted wood dining tables brings color back into the room in the “racing stripes” and red placemats and continues with the sunny thing with a carved impression on the captain’s chairs at either end of the table.

The sun plays a part of the décor in many places throughout the cottage, serving as a happy reminder of the appeal of Rocky Point! The living area features our first taste of the nautical life with a dramatic three-dimensional art piece hanging over comfy leather sofas, and as might be expected, the sun plays a part in this room as well, carved into the large center coffee table and shining in through floor to ceiling windows that look out over the patio and beyond to the gorgeous waters of the sea. A colorfully tiled beehive fireplace provides heat on cooler days and nights and traditional Equipale chairs provide a cheerful reminder that you are not in the United States anymore. Each of the three bedrooms of Puesta del Sol offer their own cheerful vibes, filled with color, comfort, and the sun—yes, even in the bedrooms the sun makes its presence known! A teal bureau with a mural of sunflowers painted on its front, a happy mural of a path leading out to a colorful garden on a sunny day, and in the final bedroom, a wall of dark wood doors could dim the space if not for the relief of a sun carved into the wall and being used as a headboard for the bed, on which you will sleep the sleep of an innocent child: deep and uninterrupted! Each of the bathrooms provide their own style as well, clad in traditional colorful Mexican tiles, creating spaces that are as cheerful and as inviting as the rest of our unique Puesta del Sol sanctuary.

The Reason You Are Here

Yes, this house is beautiful and comfortable and offers everything you need for a successful vacation experience, but step outside those sliding glass doors in the living room and re-discover the reason you are here. A covered patio, complete with ceiling fan and Saltillo tiles awaits you, offering comfortable places to sit, sip, and enjoy the serene beauty of the Sea of Cortez. Your backyard is the beach in this cozy cottage, and your playground is the sea; kick off your flipflops and run through the sand, finding your new happy place at the place where the sand meets the sea! The sounds of the waves crashing on the shore will be the theme song of your life for the duration of your stay, and as you walk along shores edge morning, noon, and night, practice your breast stroke in the quiet and warm waters, or simply sit on the beach arms wrapped around your knees watching the world go by, you will know that choosing Puesta del Sol was not just the best decision you could have made, but the ONLY decision!

It’s an Experience in This Rocky Point Cottage Rental

We at FMI Rentals know that the right vacation home isn’t just a place to sleep at night; it offers an experience that is integral to your entire vacation. Reserve this sweet option today!