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Enjoy coffee on your list of rainy day activities in rocky point

Rainy Day Activities in Rocky Point

When you first began to imagine what your time in Rocky Point, Mexico could be like, we are betting that you imagined long days spent soaking up the rays with the Sea of Cortez in the background, nights spent celebrating with tequila and beautiful people, and meals filled with all the tacos you could eat! And yes, all of those things are destined to be an integral part of your vacation experience, but did the thought of a rainy day ever enter your daydreams? More than likely your answer is no, and generally rainy days are not something you have to worry about, but if you are lucky, there will be one day that is different than all the others. A day where the skies turn a murky gray, the waters of the sea will grow choppy, and the clouds will open up, drenching the unsuspecting people who are earth bound, forcing them to change their plans. Fortunately, you chose FMI Rentals for your vacation accommodations, and this guide to rainy day activities in Rocky Point is all you need to enjoy the rarest of occasions, a stormy day in our favorite little fishing village!

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Sleeping In and Sipping Coffee

When the skies are gray and gloomy, our sleep grows deeper, and if you find yourself dozing long past the hour when you would normally awaken, good for you! Nothing forces you to slow down and take it easy more than an unexpected storm, and a good rainy day is the perfect time to explore the amenities found in our FMI Rentals south of the border sanctuaries. Roll out of bed when you are good and ready and pad into the kitchen on bare feet, seeking the all-important first jolt of caffeine. If you prepared in advance, sweet Mexican treats from the Panaderia Cornejo (Cornejo’s Bakery) will already be sitting on the counter of our fully equipped kitchen. Wander through the rooms, sipping and snacking and revel in the simple comforts found in your casa away from home. Today’s adventures may have a late start, but they are bound to be memorable ones, all the same!

After a Sweet Breakfast

It is now time to explore some of Rocky Point’s inside activities, starting with a little retail therapy. You may get a little damp as you try to run between the raindrops, dipping in and out of the various shops found in Old Port, the original fishing port that is still being used by fishermen today, but is also home to shops and restaurants. Take a few hours to search for colorful pottery, clothing, and jewelry, and find yourself amazed at the deals you find during your explorations! Make your way to the part of Rocky Point known as the Cholla Mall or Rocky Point’s Rodeo Drive and fill your bags with art pieces, souvenirs, Mexican blankets, or any of a huge selection of merchandise that until this very rainy moment, you never knew how much you needed.

Find Your Joy With These Activities in Rocky Point

Just because it is raining, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay indoors, especially as a walk in the rain along the sandy beaches of Rocky Point is one of the most romantic activities of all! (Of course, if there is lightning, we suggest staying in!) Holding hands with the one you love most, feeling gentle droplets moisten your hair and face as you wade along the shallow ends of the Sea of Cortez is an experience that every traveler should be able to enjoy at least once in their lifetime. Walk free in the rain and remember the feel, the smells (Did you know that the rainy earth scent you love so much is called petrichor?) and the tranquility you experienced during a walk on a nearly deserted beach!

Spa Days

One of our favorite ways of staying dry is with a visit to a day spa, and although a spa day might not have been what you envisioned for your Rocky Point adventure, when you leave La Bella Spa (Calle Manuel Arista 70, Benito Juárez) after a full morning or afternoon of massages, facials, and other beauty treatments, you might be thinking that this is going to be a permanent part of all your vacations from here on out, and we don’t blame you one bit!

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Back to the Hacienda

You won’t be able to help yourself, heading back to your FMI Rentals rainy day sanctuary after a day of adventures is destined to be the highlight of your getaway! You may not be able to watch the sun set when the skies are gray and cloudy, but you can still sip a glass of wine as you sit under the cover of awnings or tiki roofs and watch the thirsty grounds soak up all that amazing moisture. Reserve your stay today!