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Renting ATV’s in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico

Puerto Peñasco, or Rocky Point (English translation), is among the most beautiful and relaxing places to just sit out and have a good time. Whether it be the soothing coastal weather, the gorgeous, blue waters of the Gulf of California, or the luxurious resorts and condos along the coast, Puerto Peñasco has it all to make the perfect vacation. While many guests enjoy a day at the beach, a growing trend in Puerto Peñasco is to rent out ATV’s. By renting out a four-wheeler, guests are able to explore the area further, all while adding some more thrill and adventure to their vacation.

Where to Ride

Puerto Peñasco is an area full of sand and hills due to its arid desert environment. This makes it an ideal place for some off-road riding. While it is now illegal to ride in and around Puerto Peñasco (this includes Sandy Beach and Las Conchas), there are still plenty of areas for you to get some quality four-wheeling in. One of the most popular spots to ride is the Competition Hill at Cholla Bay. This designation features a 30° sloped hill that that is 300 feet in length. Some of the other most common off-roading locations are behind the beaches of Cholla Bay, Playa Encanto, Las Conchas, Sandy Beach, etc. Additionally, you can ride along the sand rails and roads throughout town, as well as the various vacant areas designated for quad riding. Off roading is so common among the area that many of the resorts even provide specific parking spaces for it.

Things to Keep in Mind

Renting – Due to its ideal location for off-roading there are a tremendous amount of service and ATV rental providers. The cost of renting an ATV can range anywhere between $15-$50 an hour. In order to complete a rental you must sign a rental agreement and provide a valid driver’s license. While renting is easy and convenient, some avid off-roaders will bring their own off-road vehicles.

Follow the Law – When visiting Puerto Peñasco, it is important to stay within the legal parameters, especially if you are foreign to Mexico. Military police are known to patrol the beaches and surrounding areas. Any law violations could result in heavy fines that must be paid at the police station and/or confiscation of the vehicle. Here are some general tips to help keep you out of trouble when riding an ATV in Puerto Peñasco.

  • Riders need to be at least 16 years-old
  • No more than 2 people should be on an ATV
  • Do not ride ATV’s on city beaches
  • Do not ride in Main Blvd. Benito Jaurez,Old Port, or Blvd. Fremont
  • Do not drink and drive
  • Do not race or perform tricks
  • Avoid riding in the dark

Have Fun – While it is important to follow the laws of Puerto Peñasco, there is still plenty of opportunity to have a blast while renting an ATV out. Whether it be the beautiful Gulf of Califonria views or the countless sandy hills, Puerto Peñasco makes the perfect place to take an ATV out and go riding!