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Rocky Point Activities

Rocky Point Activities for a Solo Traveler

Rocky Point is one of the most relaxing and most fun-filled places for a solo traveler to be. Whether you’re here for a weekend or a month, you’ll be on the hunt for ways to fill the day. Here are a few Rocky Point activities you can enjoy here while flying solo:

Relax on the Beach

Relaxing on the beach is an activity that anyone of all ages can enjoy on their own. Pack a lunch, bring a few beers, mix a cocktail ahead of time. Bring whatever makes you happy on your days off, and then head down to one of our favorite beaches, such as Playa Hermosa, Las Conchas, or Playa Encanta. There’s nothing better than a beach day, whether you want to swim all afternoon or simply lie on a towel with a good book in your hands and some music in your ears.

Go Kite Surfing

If you’ve had enough relaxing, why not try something more exciting? This unconventional water sport will give you the experience of a lifetime. Take some lessons through Rocky Point Kitesurfing to learn this exhilarating sport and apply your newfound knowledge to the waves.

Rent a Kayak

If you want an activity that lies in the middle ground between beach relaxation and the adrenaline-fueled fun of kitesurfing, you should rent a kayak. This is an active way to explore the waters around Rocky Point, while still being a gentle and relaxing sport. You’ll get your exercise in, but you’ll also get to enjoy the zen of the rolling waves and the view of the city from out on the water.

Ride the Dunes

Get away from the water for a while and explore the other side of Rocky Point: the fascinating and beautiful desert. A popular activity here is renting a quad or an ATV and taking it out to the dunes for an exciting ride. With you in the driver’s seat, you get to decide just how exciting it is.

Live the Nightlife

Head out in the evening to liven things up at one of our local hotspots! Try paying a visit to BooBar Cantina, Banditos, Elixir Bar-Lounge, Manny’s Beach Club, and Wrecked at the Reef. Rocky Point is known as a spring break destination for a reason. We know how to have a good time, and these are some of the places to do it.

Spend Your Stay with FMI Rentals & Rocky Point Activities

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