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View from Isla San Jorge

Rocky Point – An Awesome Beach Destination

Summer is a great time to head south and visit the gorgeous Rocky Point area. You won’t want to forget your swimsuit when you are packing your bags, because Rocky Point offers some of the best beaches around!

Why Visit Rocky Point?

Rocky Point is a wonderful destination for just about anyone. Those looking for thrills, great food, or just a relaxing time will not be disappointed. There are so many activities from which to choose and the Rocky Point area’s beaches are a true draw for visitors.

According to Hector Vázquez del Mercado, President of Rocky Point’s Convention and Visitors Bureau, “Rocky Point has grown immensely becoming a hot-spot family beach destination for Arizonans. Thanks to its safe environment and unbeatable recreational activities, this is an ideal vacation for families looking to just relax for the weekend or spend a week exploring the unique city.”

What Makes the Beaches of Rocky Point Special?

Rocky Point has become one of northern Mexico’s top destinations for visitors looking for a prime beach getaway. Rocky Point now offers many different resort-style accommodations all along the coastal areas. You will be able to easily get to the beaches from your rental, and FMI Rentals offer some of the very best locations. In the last year, Rocky Point was named Sonora’s cleanest beach area. It was also recognized as the largest certified clean beach in the entire country—a first by any Sonoran city.

While you can certainly just sit back and soak in the rays on one of the beach areas, Rocky Point also offers great ocean activities, including swimming with dolphins, whale watching, kayaking, sailing, and jet skiing. You can even get some thrills in with an ATV adventure across the sand dunes. Also, the geographical location of Rocky Point makes it a favorite destination for deep sea fishing. It is surrounded by reefs, estuaries and islands, which makes it a terrific fishing area for the entire family. Along with all of these awesome beach activities, Rocky Point offers plenty of other exciting activities such as shopping, just doing some sightseeing, and of course, a lot of great food!

Get the Best Beach Side Accommodations

Visitors to Puerto Peñasco can take advantage of the many beaches near their gorgeous vacation rentals from FMI Rentals. Our company offers many different styles of accommodations—from condos to expansive homes—many located right on the sandy shores and beaches. Call us today and just let us know what type of rental you want to let you truly enjoy the beaches!