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Rocky Point Mexico activities

Rocky Point in Mexico Activities for a Family Vacation

There’s no better way to spend your kids’ fall break from school than by surprising the family with a trip to Rocky Point. From beach relaxation to oceanside eateries, there are dozens of ways to fill the day here by the Sea of Cortez with family fun. Here are some of our favorite Rocky Point in Mexico activities do with the family:

Family Dining Options

The food in Rocky Point is one of the best parts of coming here. The bars here are a world of fun, but you’re going to want to try out our most family-friendly eating joints! One of our favorites is The Satisfied Frog, which sits directly on the waterfront. The interior decor is so comfortable that it just oozes vibes of pure relaxation, and the view will make you never want to leave! The seafood here is amazing, and there are lots of options for younger kids, like BBQ and fried chicken.

Experiencing Rocky Point as a Group

One of the best things you can do as a family to just have some together time is to take a family vacation to the seaside. Head to Playa Encanta if you want a relaxing beach experience, like a day of laying out on the sand and listening to the kids playing in the waves. If you want to go fishing or sailing, Cholla Bay is a great pick, and waiting nearby is the Cholla Mall with a fun shopping center to peruse and look for food, art, and souvenirs. Las Conchas is another family favorite, as a 6-mile stretch of beach that gives you plenty of room to spread out and find your own patch of sand just for you and the kids.

Activities the Whole Family Will Love

Besides the beach, there are so many other fun activities you can take the kids to experience during their time here in Rocky Point, like take a boat ride out to Isla San Jorge to see a ton of sea life in its natural habitat. It’s a 90-minute boat ride, so you’ll get plenty of time to kick back and enjoy the waves and the salty breeze. Out on the ocean and at the island, your kids will be introduced to the wonders of wild sea life, like sea lions and colorful schools of fish. You can even go snorkeling there!

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