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Rocky Point: Off the Beaten Path!

We all love a great vacation, and while much of this entails partaking in the hyper advertised activities of a tourist destination, the real fun typically occurs off the beaten path. So, if you’re heading to Rocky Point soon, take a minute to peruse some of the not-so-well known things to do here.

We are local experts at FMI Rentals, and are happy to discuss the best off-the-track paths in Rocky Point, Mexico, including:

  • Going Oyster Farming – food tastes great when caught with your own hands, and cooked fresh, the same day. Rocky Point Mexico, is filled with local spots to farm your own seafood, including oysters. The best place to score this experience is the Ostiones Acua Mar, or Oyster Farm. It’s one of those silent treats that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Experiencing Puerto Penasco like a Local – and to accomplish this, experts recommend carrying on with the day as a resident. As an example, what would you be doing at home now? Grocery shopping, going to an event, taking a movie night? Then check out local supermarkets and community headlines, if even for a day.
  • Hitting the Public Beach – do this away from the tourists’ crowds, and see how locals enjoy pleasure of carefree living. The best day to experience this, some say, are on a Sunday.

The Perks:

Why do many of us prefer off-the-beaten-path activities? The reasons are plenty. Modern consumers are now avoiding cookie-cutter packages in most cases, especially during travels. After all, one added benefit of travels, besides relaxation, is being worldlier and being able to interact with any one from any walk of life.

Here are a few other bonuses:

  • Uncrowded – if you love the beauty of solitude and avoid crowds at all costs, then these recommendations may just be the perfect match!
  • Unspoiled – there’s something very serene about hidden spots that have not yet been tainted by the heavy traffic of tourists, wouldn’t you agree?
  • Untamed – view nature and all of its glory, untamed by mankind in some of these suggested spots.

Other great places to get ideas and suggestions from visitors who have been to a few hidden gems are on sites like Virtual Tourist, or TripAdvisor. Many reviewers further post pics and a quick description for helping you decide where and when you want to go.

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