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Rocky Point’s Mayor Addresses Tucson About Tourism And Safety

MayorNo matter if you’re on vacation in Rocky Point or your home town, there’s a common truth: when the mayor talks, everyone knows he’s going to say something important. This speech by the Mayor isn’t taking place in Rocky Point surprisingly, instead he’s visiting the city which account for 11% of visitors, Tucson, Arizona.

In contrast to the stories that Rocky Point is big on drug trafficking and other crime, the Mayor argues that Rocky Point is plenty safe and shouldn’t affect vacations.  There’s a separation between crimes in Mexico, and those that happen specifically in Rocky Point, the latter being unknown of as of late, he argues.

In February certain steps are being implemented to ensure this, including having “tourist police” help visitors on the streets. This helpful force will assist people in find their way around Rocky Point as well as knowing about the city’s history.  This is a move the Mayor describes as keeping up with the times.

The Mayor’s presence in Tucson will hopefully increase tourism and job growth in Rocky Point, pushed forward not only by his friendly face and interpersonal skills, but also by the steps he is taking to ensure Rocky Point is a safe vacation destination. The biggest obstacle to safety according to tourists in Rocky Point is driving at night, as road hazards are hard to see.

If you are still uncomfortable, there are certain tips that can be followed to contribute to a trouble free trip.  Things like leaving a copy of travel documents with your friends in the State’s in case something were to happen to your copy. Letting your credit card company know your travelling will reduce the chance of your card being blocked, and it’s always a good idea to carry cash, just in case. Simple tips like these will help you have a good trip, but they are more about planning than avoiding crime.

When it comes to actual worries about being robbed or attacked, simple tips like not travelling alone at night and sticking to well-lit areas go a long way.  It’s all about being smart and preparing for what you might not expect. Most important of all, no matter where you are, never put yourself in a position that you’re uncomfortable with. Your gut instinct can tell you a lot!

All of this is to say, Rocky Point is still a great vacation spot, as the Mayor says. He lives in the town after all!