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Enjoy the sunrise with these romantic FMI activities

Romantic Activities for Couples in Rocky Point

As the rest of the world is shoveling snow and layering on the warm clothes this Valentine’s Day, our FMI Rentals guests are experiencing an altogether different reality. Dressed in shorts, tees, and their favorite flip flops, they are forced to pull the curtains shut against the morning sun if they want to sleep in, swimming in heated pools, and falling in love all over again with the person they can’t live without. If you want to join in the romance and wonder in Rocky Point, Mexico, choosing FMI Rentals will make your getaway even more romantic! This guide to the different romantic FMI activities you can do as a couple will ensure that you don’t miss a step when it comes to impressing your sweetheart.

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Sunrise on the Playa

Not everyone wants to sleep late during their romantic vacations. Some visitors prefer to rise with the sun and if you are of the early rising type, why not grab the hand of your beau and head to the beach? These are the quieter moments of the day, as most travelers and residents will still be asleep in their beds and it will feel as if you have the beach to yourself. Stay further up the beach, feeling the sand soft between your toes or head down to shore’s edge and walk with your bare toes being tickled by the surf. As the sky turns from inky black, to soft pink, to the final intense shade of azure, words won’t be needed as the link between you grows stronger!

Rocky Point Horseback Riding, Av. Plutarco Elías Calles 196, Bella Vista

You will never find a more romantic activity than a ride into the sunset on the beaches of Rocky Point with only the guide from Rocky Point Horseback Riding lingering nearby. You’ve seen it in the movies, boy and girl (or any variation thereof) clip clopping through the surf, not really seeing the sun set as they can’t take their eyes off each other, and now it is your turn to try out this fantastic activity. Also offering an excellent time to pop the big question, we can almost promise that no will not be a word you will hear when you sit astride a graceful steed, the sun melting into the sea in a kaleidoscope of colors behind you, and a gorgeous ring in your hands, the box opened to ensure it glints nicely in the light of the setting sun!

Romantic FMI Activities with Sunset Cruise Boat Senorita Rita, Av. Plutarco Elías Calles, Recinto Portuario

Although every minute of your stay in Rocky Point is guaranteed to be filled with love and romance, the sunset does happen to provide the most romantic moments of the day, especially when you take a sunset cruise aboard the Senorita Rita! Offering an open bar, comfortable seating, and the best views of the sunset as you cruise along the Sea of Cortez, each trip lasts approximately two hours long. Watch the sun disappear into the sea as the sky turns to fire and discover how beautiful your bride looks in its glow!

Garufa Steakhouse, Paseo Las Olas 6D11, Playa Arenos

Nothing says I love you more than a romantic meal at one of the best restaurants in town and Garufa Steakhouse is absolutely one of Rocky Point’s best! Offering a meat-centric menu filled with Argentinian specialties and a variety of seafood and Italian style dishes guaranteed to please any palate it’s best to bring a hearty appetite because their portion sizes are plentiful! Oh and if you can manage to save some space in your very full tummies, Garufa’s dessert menu will definitely fill up what’s left! Featuring Argentinian desserts such as Alfajor, a traditional dessert made of pastry, caramel, and nuts, amongst others, you can’t be jealous of the love in his eyes when he takes his first bite, because you know at the end of the meal, the Alfajor will be gone and he will be returning home with you!

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Two’s Company When You Stay in for the Night

The most romantic of experiences, however, can take place in the comfort of your FMI Rentals romantic retreat! Sip wine on the patio watching the sunset in privacy and comfort, create a gourmet meal in our fully equipped kitchens, and reignite the flames of your love in peace and harmony. Every room in every home is designed to make guests feel warm, welcomed, and treasured, and as you discover the delights that are revealed inside the space you chose to make your own, pools, hot tubs, and outdoor kitchens offer even more magical moments OUTSIDE the home. Our condos are cozy spaces built for two and offer access to all the community amenities or our homes are more spacious and offer even more privacy as you frolic outside. Reserve your favorite today!