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Romantic Activities for Valentines 2020 in Rocky Point

One of the most romantic ways you can spend Valentine’s Day is by taking off to the seaside together. Soak up the sun, taste that fresh sea salt on the breeze, and enjoy each other’s company in our favorite town. Here are some Rocky Point activities to enjoy together for Valentine’s 2020:

Relax on the Beach

This is the number one most romantic way to spend Valentine’s today. There’s just something about the way the Sea of Cortez glitters in the sunlight, and the local seabirds, and the salt-breeze. Pack a picnic plus some drinks and visit your favorite beach at the height of the day for some well-deserved, comfortable relaxation. Try Playa Hermosa, which has easy public access and lots of passing boats, making it an aesthetically pleasing choice. Or, try Playa Encanta, which often feels a little more secluded and allows you more room to yourselves. Las Conchas is also a huge beach, with plenty of soft sand to spread out on and rocky reefs to explore together as the tides change. If you choose a rental home that’s close to the water, this can easily be an all-day, leisurely activity.

Try Something New Together

There are many activities that are great for couples to do together here in Rocky Point. Try riding the Rocky Point Ziplines for an amazing view that will take your breath away. Try kayaking together or going for a dance at some of our famous clubs (Like Boo Bar, or Wrecked at the Reef), or even just exploring the town in search of the best salsa. If you’re really looking for a fresh and fun activity that you’ve never done before, why not try something like parasailing? You can ride tandem, making this the perfect Valentine’s activity. You’ll get a romantic view of the sea and the city, and the experience of a lifetime. Just picture that sparkling sea spray, the glittering of the ocean waves, and the roar of the ocean wind as the two of you are swept off your feet to soar on the breeze like a pair of birds. What’s more tantalizing than that?

Choose a Romantic Rental

Get ready for the most romantic Valentine’s getaway filled with Rocky Point activities. Somewhere in our catalog is the perfect vacation home for you and your loved one, you just have to pick it out! Give us a call today at (602) 288-8609 (US) or (638) 388-0773 (MX) to get started.