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Scuba Diving in Rocky Point

The entire Rocky Point area calls to travelers and tourists with its white sandy beaches, laid back vibe, friendly locals, and tropical weather, and the outdoor activity opportunities are almost endless. On any given day, find local fishermen at dozens of docks bringing in their catch of the day. The area’s many beaches provide plenty of spots for families to play and enjoy kites, windsurfing, kayaking, swimming, snorkeling, picnicking, or just simply relaxing. However, scuba diving in Rocky Point is among the most popular activities.

Popular Dive Spots

For a truly memorable scuba diving experience, the shores of Rocky Point, Mexico beckon beginners and experienced divers alike to come and explore the deep blue waters and thousands of tropical fish and other exotic sea creatures of the area. So many unique scuba diving spots dot the coast of Rocky Point, including popular spots such as Puerto Lobos and Bird Island, as well as the northern portion of the Sea of Cortez. Other popular scuba diving spots include the island of San Jorge, Puerto Peñasco, Isla San Pedro Nolasco, Ensenada Chica and Grande, El Himalaya, Bahia de Martin Villa or Bahia del Muerto, La Cocina, Punta Chueca, Las Ventanas and Isla Tiburon.

Sea Life

Each and every one of these spots offers the chance for scuba divers to see a mix of more than 3,000 different marine species including dolphins, tropical fish of every color, whales, sharks, sting rays, seals, and so many others. The rich and varied sea life surrounding Rocky Point is largely due to the San Andreas Fault, which is a 5-million-year old furrow that separates the larger continent from the Baja California peninsula. This space between is the perfect set up for sea life, and scuba divers the world over flock to the Sea of Cortez to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat up close and personal.

Getting in the Water

Scuba diving classes are available at many different scuba diving places located within the greater Rocky Point area. Many of the dive instructors have been scuba diving for decades and have taught hundreds of others how to do the same. Private lessons are available as are group lessons. If you’re planning a trip to Rocky Point, be sure to call ahead to schedule your scuba diving lesson, learn more about the best places to dive, and create memories in beautiful Mexico that will last you a lifetime.