Rocky Point was once celebrated as “Arizona’s secret beach.” While it’s still celebrated, it’s no longer a secret—the town has boomed with tourism in recent years. But there’s another side to Puerto Peñasco that you should see. Continue reading below and find some special ways to discover Rocky Point like a local!

Local Rocky Point, Mexico Events

Take away the tourists and you’ve got a small Mexican town, and like small towns, Rocky Point, Mexico offers events publicly from time to time, and often for free. There are two common places to find these. Many are held at the Malecon—the shrimp and fish market south of Highway 8 and west of the Las Conchas beaches. Some are held at the Peñasco del Sol hotel at the end of Calle 13. Either way, at these areas you can find concerts and carnivals that will delight visitors of all ages. Since these are for the benefit of locals—who are usually busy when tourists are here for the weekend—many of these are held on Sunday nights. Check out your hotel or resort’s reception desk for schedules. Time your vacation right, and you can head home with an extra special memory and some photos that other vacationers couldn’t get!

Puerto Peñasco Grocery Shopping

Rocky Point caters to Americans with large grocery stores such as Sam’s Club, but the small-market vibe is still very much alive here. Head along the boardwalk to find local fishermen selling their day’s catch. Your resort or condo probably has a stocked kitchen—especially if you booked through FMI—so why not use it?

For an authentic Puerto Peñasco grocery shopping experience you should visit one of the local markets around town. Here sellers’ offers fruits and spice mixes, as well as clothing that might catch your eye. What exactly might you find? Part of the fun is knowing that you’ll never know!

Local Rocky Point Restaurants

There are some particularly popular destinations such as Elixir and J.J.’s Cantina that most tourists know about, but there are also many tucked away Rocky Point restaurants that don’t advertise. Bacanora Grill, along Avenida Recinto Portuario at the corner of Calle 13, is one such restaurant—little publicized, but well-rated. Balboa’s is another restaurant that is cleaner and more delicious than outer appearances might suggest. Manny’s Tequila Factory, along Highway 8, is another small treasure not often talked about, but a must-try for liquor aficionados. Not only will you enjoy a good drink, you’ll also get the chance to learn something about how they make Mexico’s most iconic alcoholic drink.

A whole host of new Rocky Point restaurants will open up to you if you learn just a tiny bit of Spanish. So take risks, explore the side roads, and enjoy Puerto Peñasco for all it offers!