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How to Spend Memorial Day in Rocky Point

If you enjoy terrific weather and spending time at the beach during Memorial Day weekend, you should consider a trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. Rocky Point is one of the best vacation spots in Mexico and features various activities and attractions for the whole family to enjoy during your vacation getaway. Here are some exciting options to consider doing during your Rocky Point Memorial Day weekend.

Sunset Cruises

Rocky Point can be enjoyed by land or sea. Sunset cruises provide an incredible way to spend your evening by boat while having a party with other adults who are looking to enjoy their holiday weekend. Various cruises are available depending on your party size and with drink options included; each last approximately two hours. You can even choose from different themes for the whole group to enjoy. This activity is recommended for adults only due to the partying nature of the ride.

Explore the Dunes

Just outside of town, Rocky Point features exciting dunes and hills to explore by ATVs. This off-roading activity is popular among most tourists, so you can expect others to be around you. If you are less experienced, feel free to talk with the local rental shops about different tips to get you up to speed. Off-roading can be a dangerous sport if you are not careful, so make sure to enjoy this activity in a group and follow all safety instructions.

Zip Lining

Rocky Point Zipline recently installed the second longest zip line in Mexico a few years back and is a great way for the family to do something exciting together. This zip line is over 2,000 feet long, consisting of over five individual lines. Guests are taken up the hill in a military off-roading vehicle before you and a bilingual guide explore the amazing views of the Sea of Cortez on the ride down. This is another popular tourist attraction, so make sure you give your family around two hours for everyone to ride down.

Enjoy the Many Restaurants

Part of the reason that Rocky Point is one of the best vacation spots in Mexico is all of the delicious food in town. Wrecked at the Reef is one of the best restaurants to try if you enjoy great food, an outdoor music stage, and a dance floor big enough for the whole restaurant. Live music will be played all weekend, while the locals will be showing off their dancing skills. Wrecked at the Reef can be enjoyed as a family outing or with a group of friends looking for an exciting night out.

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