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Spend Your 2020 Christmas in Rocky Point

For those who have been feeling that 2020 will never end, we have good news for you: The end of a rough year is within sight. For those who love Christmas and wish they could celebrate every day of the year, it is time to start planning your Christmas festivities! Restrictions have been lifted, and a south of the border holiday is something that no longer has to remain in your dreams! Our FMI Rentals holiday havens are open and waiting for guests to put the heart back in Christmas, and this guide to all the fun you can have in Rocky Point will ensure a celebration that is happy and bright!

Savor the Differences This Christmas in Rocky Point

Christmas is our favorite time of the year here in Rocky Point, as we get to enjoy the peace and joy of the season without any of that messy white stuff falling from the sky! Offering temperatures that range from the low to mid 70s, the waters of the Gulf may still be a tad chilly for thin blooded travelers to swim in, but blue skies and the bright sun shining down on happy people makes for a very merry Christmas in Rocky Point. And if you want to add a little holiday cheer to your FMI Rentals happy home, a visit to shell island can help you create a very beachy Christmas! Many of the little shops in downtown Rocky Point will also offer Christmas decorations, if you want to stay a more traditional with your decorating.

Take a Light Tour

Just as in the USA, many of the homes in our fishing village will be decorated for the holidays. Some will be simple and may not contain more than a candle in the window and a wreath on the door, while others will be extravagant examples of the beauty of the holiday. If you drove a car to get here, take at least one evening to drive through the town, being sure to ooh and ahh at the appropriate times!

Shopping for Gifts

The best part of every Christmas is being able to play Santa Claus, and your Rocky Point excursion will enable to purchase gifts that are colorful, creative, and so very beautiful! Old Cholla Road is where a large selection of shops are located; it has been known by many nicknames over the years, including Rodeo Drive, and while the items found here aren’t as pricey as the ones you will find a few hundred miles north of the border, they are guaranteed to make any recipient happy! Offering everything from hats to protect fair skin from the sun to charming pottery pieces, if you can’t find it on Old Cholla Road, chances are you and your family didn’t need it in the first place.

The Christmas Feast

Today’s visitors will find a far different food shopping experience than those of earlier days, starting with the availability of Sam’s Club! Allowing Americans who prefer a traditional Christmas feast to find all the necessary ingredients, it makes food shopping so much easier and delicious. And because they also offer fully prepared meals at the holidays, mom gets off kitchen duty, if she chooses. For the last-minute items, however, any of the local shops will work just fine; Frutería y Carnicería la Especial de Puerto Peñasco S.R.L. probably has everything you will need!

Peaceful and Joyous

It’s true that your days and evenings will be filled with new adventures, but as the sun sinks into the horizon, the best moments will be the ones spent in your FMI Rentals holiday hideaway. Peaceful and joyous and offering all the comforts of home, each space is designed to be warm, welcoming, and festive for the holidays! Bake cookies to decorate in fully equipped kitchens, sipping eggnog as you sing Christmas Carols and dance around the room in your bare feet. Read your favorite Christmas books in the living rooms, with the doors open to the Gulf if you have chosen one of our beachfront rentals, or shut the doors, pull down the shades, and share intimate conversations with your favorite traveling partners! And when the moon is high in the velvety night sky and the little ones have long gone to sleep, slipping into cloud soft beds and drifting off to dreamland may be one of the many highlights of your south of the border holiday getaway! Reserve your FMI Rentals Christmas cottage today and wake up on Christmas morning with all the excitement you felt as a child. Our homes are our gift to you!