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Rocky Point Zipline

Top Things to Do In Rocky Point for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is not just that time of the year we remember and honor the men and women who died in the service. It’s also a sure sign that summer is here again, and we need to go out and enjoy the outdoors! Rocky Point is the perfect place to celebrate both Memorial Day and the arrival of summer. From romantic sunset cruises to zip lining, there’s plenty of things to do in Rocky Point for Memorial Day.

Rocky Point Zipline

Ziplining is the outdoorsy person’s ultimate adventure. There’s nothing like zipping through the top of the trees or from one rock to another at high speed. La Loma is a new addition to the zip line adventure in Rocky Point. The hill offers a great vantage point to start your downhill descent.As you make your way down the 2000-foot-long cables you feel like you’re flying. Everything zips past you at increasing speed and the salty air from Sea of Cortez fills your nose. Rocky Point zipline is one long adventure you won’t forget. It’s definitely one of the best things to do in Rocky Point for Memorial Day.

Sunset Cruises

Say what you like about sunsets, nothing beats a sunset cruise. What a better way to see the town than from the deck of the boat when the magical colors of the dusk reflect on the buildings and the sea surface? The Sea of Cortez is also the setting for this romantic adventure,and the views are just part of the attraction these popular activities offer. You can dance, enjoy a drink, get in the party groove, and enjoy marine life as well. Dolphins love Rocky Point almost as much as tourists do and they flock to the coast to play and frolic. The cruise usually lasts for two hours and takes off from the marina.

Book a Stay to Experience These Things to Do In Rocky Point for Memorial Day

For a fun evening of good food and live music, you should head over to Wrecked at the Reef. The patio at the back has a great view of the bay and local bands perform there on weekends. The evening is reserved for the local sensation called La Merca. They perform on the inside stage to a packed dance floor. It’s a family-friendly place where you can enjoy the evening with your loved ones. Wrecked at the Reef is located near La Loma at the west end of Sandy Beach. Enjoy a Memorial Day holiday packed with fun and adventures in Rocky Point. For more information, call us today!