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Spring Break Safety in Rocky Point: All The Info You Need To Know

sea-sunny-person-beachSpring Break is a highlight of the year for vacation fun. Rocky Point in particular is a huge draw for students looking to have a week of fun in the sun, free from their studies. It’s easy to have fun, but safety in a new location isn’t always considered. Safety should be of chief importance to ensure you have plenty of great Spring Breaks to come, and FMI Rentals safety guide will make sure you are equipped to have a fun and safe spring break adventure.

Sun Tips

The sun is hot and packed full of UV rays. This is great for tanning, but damaging to skin as well. Commonly linked to skin cancer, it’s important to prevent excessive exposure of your skin to the sun. Apply a light coat of sunscreen every couple hours on the beach to make sure your skin stays healthy for years to come. A small amount of SPF30 on your skin will go a long way. Plus, it will help prevent sunburn that will lead to an uncomfortable trip.

Stay in a Group

It may sound like common sense, but in the fun of vacation it’s easy to forget. Because you’re away from home, it’s important to treat traveling the Rocky Point area with care. Stay in well-lit areas and avoid travelling at night alone. It’s not that Rocky Point is unsafe, it’s just that you never know what might happen. These small things can have massive implications on safety.

Drink Plenty

No, we aren’t talking Coronas and margaritas. Drinking plenty of water is important to hydration, especially if you are hanging in the hot sun on the beach; water shouldn’t be taken for granted. Hydration is essential to cognition and the immune system, helping to keep you feeling healthy and vitalized during vacation.

Keep in Touch

It might seem unnecessary to let family know where you are going, but this small step is important if any vacation complications were to arise.  Leave a copy of your passport and any other essential information with your home contact in case you lose yours on your trip.  Especially while being out of the country – Rocky Point is in Mexico, after all – having someone back at home looking out for you goes a long way.

Vacation Fun

As you can see, these tips aren’t tough and won’t interfere with your Spring Break fun. Despite how benign they may appear, these tips will help you have a great time for years to come.

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