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St. Patrick’s Day 2020 in Rocky Point

Leave your cares behind and head to Rocky Point for the holiday season! We know how to have a good time here, so coming to visit Rocky Point for St. Patrick’s Day 2020 is a wise choice, and we’ve made a handy list for you of things we love to do on this holiday:

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade

Sunday, March 15, 2020 – 1:00pm

You are in for a treat this year. Get your green on, because this March we’re going to be having our 70th Annual Rocky Point Friends of St. Patrick’s Day parade, hosted by The Miller Place! This year we’ll be celebrating all our past parade Grand Marshals. This parade was originally organized by two visionaries way back in 1949 as a way to celebrate the exit of winter and the coming blooms of spring. Every year, thousands of people attend this community event who have participated for generations. Soon, you too will be a welcome participant! The organization that arranges this parade is a nonprofit, which means they’ll be raising funds through fun events that you can also enjoy, such as cocktail/dinner parties, golf outings, raffles, and more. This event even has fun extras like a Queen and Royal Court who are crowned each year. (Last year’s St. Patrick’s Day Queen was a gymnastics coach and Rocky Point firefighter! We can’t wait to see who it will be this year.)

Where to Eat and Drink

This holiday is irrevocably linked with the idea of a topsy-turvy celebration. Luck is with you this St. Patrick’s Day because there are endless places to do so in Rocky Point! Pay a visit to our favorite local bars on March 17th to drink your heart’s content of tequila and Mexican craft beers, and also have the best of the local cuisine. The best bars to drink at on a big holiday in Rocky Point are undoubtedly Wrecked at the Reef and BooBar. These are the crowd favorites. But there are so many more options, and you’d be remiss to pass them by! Perhaps the best way to spend the evening of March 17, 2020 would be to travel around the city and visit as many bars as possible, from The Malecon to JJ’s Cantina.

Stay in Rocky Point for St. Patrick’s Day with FMI Rentals

However you spend your time in Rocky Point for St. Patrick’s Day this year, spend your evenings with FMI Rentals in one of our comfortable and luxurious vacation rental homes. Simply get in touch with us today at (602) 288-8609 (US) or (602) 388-0773 (MX) to get started!