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Enjoy barbecue this Memorial Day in Rocky Point

Stay In Rocky Point This Memorial Day

There are no rules to where you choose to spend your vacation days, even if you are heading off for a long weekend during a holiday that celebrates the American men and women who have sacrificed everything so we could have it all. Yes, even on Memorial Day, a long weekend spent enjoying the laid back lifestyle of Rocky Point in Mexico can be exactly what your soul needs and when you choose FMI Rentals for your holiday hideaway, your all-American dreams are destined to come true! Especially if you dream about long days spent at the beach, enjoying spicy Mexican food, and sipping margaritas as the sun sets over the sea; these are three things we can promise will make Memorial Day 2022 one day you will never want to end! This guide to your stay in Rocky Point over the long weekend will ensure that every minute of your day will be filled with fun, laughter, and all the comforts of home!

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This Way to the Beach

Drop your suitcases in the room of your choice, grab your new bikini and swim trunks, and head out to the sandy beaches of Rocky Point for your own celebration of our All-American holiday. Coolers filled with your favorite foods and beverages, beach loungers covered by colorful umbrellas, and the sounds of waves crashing against the beach; this is all you need to feel your spirits rising and your soul relaxing. Maybe this will be the year you rent a jet ski from Extreme Adventures and zip across the waters, feeling the saltwater spray against your skin. Or maybe the banana boats filled with a line of laughing tourist is what captures your fancy and makes you decide to give it a shot. Or possibly, this is the year you choose to spend your entire beach days on your chair, reading the summer blockbuster from two years ago because in real life, you rarely have the time to read, and sipping cool beverages pulled from the cooler beside you. There are no wrong ways to celebrate this holiday often known as the kick off to summer, just many wonderful ways that are as unique as you are!

All Night Long This Memorial Day in Rocky Point

Real life means having to go to bed early so you can wake up early and do all the things you HAVE to do but this at Memorial Day in Rocky Point, real life is suspended. These are the days you can stay up as long as you want and sleep in as late as you need and because there are always hordes of Americans traveling here for the holiday, the clubs in town are destined to capture your interest! Last call at 3 AM makes the Elixir Lounge Bar a local favorite and although the Boo Bar Cantina closes at Midnight, the music, the people, and the energy ensure it will be your favorite party spot this holiday weekend! Manny’s Beach Club is a tradition you will kick yourself for not trying out and Wrecked at the Reef provides a beach front party you will never want to end! Offering corn hole games, ping pong tables, live music, and 3 fire pits to gather round and celebrate with all your new American friends, your time in Rocky Point will be a party that lasts all night long! (Even as Wrecked closes at 3 AM!)

Barbecue in Rocky Point

You may be surprised to discover that yes, you can have barbecue that you don’t have to grill yourself during your Rocky Point Memorial Day adventures. Rocky Point Barbecue House, Guillermo Prieto, Calle Melchor Ocampo 33, Centro, offers all your grilled favorites and perhaps a few new tastes that you will have to try to believe! Fire Pit Meat & Grill, P.º las Glorias 1, Bella Vista, Centro, is another local barbecue spot, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we can’t choose which dish we love best but we can tell you that you won’t miss your American celebrations one bit when you choose to dine at either of these special spots!

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Just Like at Home

Your days spent shopping, dining, and playing at the beach promise to be special ones during this long weekend and coming home to any of our FMI Rentals holiday hideaways will add an extra sparkle to your journey south of the border. Offering all you need to celebrate in style, including barbecue grills, rooftop patios, and private pools in more than a few of the properties, our homes feature all the comforts of home. Stay up late sipping margaritas and listening to your favorite music, sleep in even later and luxuriate in the realization that the alarm clock is thousands of miles away and fall in love with a new way to celebrate the official kickoff to summer. Reserve your favorite today!