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Staying Fit on your Vacation: Keep your Rocky Point Trip Healthy

When visiting Rocky Point, Mexico, just like any other vacation, you want to stay healthy and fit during your vacation. Here are a few tips to ensure you and your group remains healthy so you can enjoy all the fun activities and attractions.

Staying Fit

So many of us want to just sit back and relax during our vacation, however it is also important to stay fit. There are lots of activities available that can get your heart rate up and get you re-energized.

For those runners out there, take a gorgeous run along the shore. It will definitely be a different experience from running on that treadmill. Of course, you can always swim in the warm, blue waters for your daily exercise.

With all that there is to do and see, walking to and from your destinations or just touring the site will also keep you on your exercise routine.

Avoiding Food Based Illness

We’ve all heard about “Montezuma’s Revenge” that often afflicts those visiting Mexico. This stomach affliction is easily avoided by not drinking the tap water. You can find purified water in all restaurants and hotels. While some establishments offer purified tap water, it is advised to always use bottled water instead.

The food in Mexico is no doubt tasty and delish, and it is also fresh. Because of this freshness, as well as some ingredients, visitors may become sick, as they are not accustomed to these dishes. You may want to check out local flavors on your second day, rather than the first to allow your system to acclimate.

If you do happen to fall ill, continue to drink lots of water. If your symptoms continue for two or three days, and you have a fever, it is probably a good idea to visit a doctor.

Don’t be put off by these warnings, as there are many great restaurants that are known for their healthy and delicious offerings.

100% Natural is a vegetarian friendly restaurant that offers vegetarian versions of traditional Mexican dishes, along with items such as soy burgers. If you are a vegetarian, you known how important it is not to introduce meat or meat products into your system. This restaurant also offers dishes created from fresh fruits and vegetables.

Other favorites that feature healthy cuisine include Chef Mickey’s Place, The Vino Ristorante, and the Blue Marlin.

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