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embark on Rocky Point activities like ATV riding!

Summer Rocky Point Activities to Look Forward to

Situated on the pristine and welcoming Gulf of California, Rocky Point, Mexico is a beloved vacation destination that draws in travelers from across the map each year. With an economy thriving under an umbrella of fishing communities and waterside resorts, this is the perfect place to be when you’re ready to enjoy time on the sand, in the water, and under the sun. With ample options to encounter amazing wildlife paired with opportunities to dine and shop in style, a trip to Rocky Point brings a wonderful balance of outdoor and city-based adventure. This summer, be sure to round out your Rocky Point itinerary by adding these fun summer activities to the must-do list!

Enjoy an ATV Rental

The combination of climate and landscape in Rocky Points makes it the ideal destination for thrill-seekers. If you happen to be a summer traveler with a taste for adrenaline-pumping fun, Rocky Point activities like renting an ATV and enjoying time zipping across the dunes is bound to please. There are a variety of companies that offer rental options ranging anywhere from $15 an hour to $50 an hour depending on whether your not you book a guide as well. Enjoy the scenery and indulge in a fast-paced tour you certainly won’t forget!

Book a Sunset Sail

Rocky Point, Mexico is known as a destination that hosts some truly spectacular sunsets. When you can’t wait to savor the sight of one of these colorful shows put on by nature, add in a touch of elegance by booking a sunset sail during the summer months. The team at Senorita Rita is proud to welcome guests onboard their double-decker vessel that sails around Rocky Point for 120 minutes for a one-of-a-kind experience on the water. Cruises depart from Marina Penasco and the cost of this cruise includes access to an open bar as well as options to enjoy draft beer, soft drinks, and sub sandwiches while sailing.

Visit the Beach

The best part of summer in Rocky Point is the opportunity to visit the beach and guests won’t want to miss the chance to enjoy the scenery, sun, and waves waiting for them at Playa Hermosa. The name translates to mean pretty beach and the description is very accurate. Playa Hermosa links up with sandy beach and provides ample shoreline to enjoy. The beach itself is backed by resort hotels, making it a wonderful place to mix and mingle with fellow travelers or simply enjoy time working on a tan in good company.

Delight in Sensational Shopping and Dining

When you’re in the mood to mix the best of shopping and dining, head over to Old Port while you’re in town. This iconic area in Rocky Point is known and loved for its many souvenir shops and unique storefronts combined with welcoming restaurants to be enjoyed. The palm tree-lined streets add to the tropical ambiance while views of the water are reinvigorating when you’re looking to fuel up for shopping ahead.

Visit The Seashell Museum

A summer trip to Rocky Point wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the infamous Seashell Museum. Much as the name indicates, this privately-owned museum puts on a display an impressive collection of seashells that come in all shapes, styles, and sizes. Guests are invited to browse the displays and exhibits and can even pick up a souvenir made from one of the same seashells they’ve admired. This is a great place to pick up a gift for a loved one back home but is equally intriguing when you’re simply in the mood for a creative or artistic moment.

Enjoy the Malecon Fish and Shrimp Market

For an open-air market experience that’s sure to inspire during your summer getaway, make your way to the Malecon Fish and Shrimp market when you’re in Rocky Point! This energetic and savory destination is a great place to browse and purchase fresh seafood thanks to the variety of vendor stalls set up along the scenic shoreline. As charming as it is vibrant, a trip to the Malecon Fish and Shrimp Market can also include a full lunch or dinner as the area is packed with local restaurants featuring fresh-caught fare.

Book a Beautiful Getaway for Summer Activities in Rocky Point

Taking time to make the most of a summer getaway to Rocky Point is always a good idea, but booking your accommodations with FMI Rentals is sure to take your experience to the next level of excellence. Contact us today to learn more about our vast portfolio of rental property options in the area when you’re ready to turn those vacation plans into a reality. Our rentals incorporate the best of tropical living and modern comforts, creating an unforgettable stay for our guests. Savor the feeling of seclusion while enjoying the ultimate when it comes to resort-style amenities and access. We can’t wait to welcome you to beautiful Rocky Point, Mexico!