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Take Your Bachelorette Party to the Next Level!

As any bride-to-be knows, there’s more to gearing up for your special day than just the ceremony and reception! There are little details, like picking out floral arrangements and the catering, and there are bigger details—like planning your bachelorette party!

The bachelorette party is all about picking the best locale for having a great time and making cherished memories with your best girlfriends. And nothing says “good bye” to your single life and “hello” to happily ever-after quite like heading out on a fun-filled adventure with your best friends to the breathtakingly beautiful seaside town of Rocky Point, Mexico!

Below, we’ve put together a brief list of just a handful of the many reasons that make Rocky Point such an ideal location for planning your destination bachelorette party. We hope you find this information helpful as you count down the days ‘til you say “I do!”

The Top 5 Reasons Why Rocky Point is the Perfect Place to Plan Your Party

  1. It’s an Exotic Destination You’ll Never Forget

For most people, travelling to a foreign country like Mexico is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. You get to add a stamp to both your literal passport and the passport of life. You have the chance to immerse yourself in another culture and make memories with old and new friends alike. It’s the ultimate place to plan any vacation, let alone one celebrating your upcoming wedding.

  1. You Can Have Plenty of Fun in the Sun

Being a seaside town, Rocky Point has all of the beauty of the beach and the glistening waves of the Pacific Ocean at its disposal. Take a ride on a banana boat, go snorkeling or scuba diving, or ride off into the sunset on a cruise. No matter how you decide to spend your day, Rocky Point has what you need.

  1. There Are Party Boats Galore…

Of course, many of these sunset cruises can turn into night cruises, where you and your friends can charter a sleek ship and hit the water for a long night of dancing and drinking your favorite adult beverages out on the water. Rocky Point has an abundance of party boat charters that are eager to accommodate your party, like Rocky Point Boat Charters.

  1. …and Even More Partying on the Shore

If you find yourself getting a little water-logged after spending so much time in the ocean, there’s no need to fret; Rocky Point has a ton of lively and colorful bars and dance clubs on dry land! For an incredible time, try JJ’s Cantina, Manny’s Beach Club, Xcualo, or Elixir Bar and Lounge.

  1. Unwind with Your Vacation Relaxation

Of course, in between or after all-nighters of bachelorette party fun, you should take the time to pamper yourself. Soak up the sun on Playa Mirador and Sandy Beach, or take the girls for a spa day at Acqua Medical Spa, Spa del Sol, or La Spa de Peñasco.

FMI Rentals – Bringing You the Best of Rocky Point

Contact our reservations team to find out more information about the wildly fun activities and attractions that you can expect to encounter in Rocky Point when you book your trip accommodations for your bachelorette party or another special occasion in one of the fabulous vacation rental properties that are available through FMI Rentals today!