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A man carrying fish tp the market, fresh shopping in Puerto Penasco Mexico

The Best Shopping Spots in Puerto Penasco Mexico

Rocky Point is a sleepy little fish town turned beach resort, which means the town is full of fun activities. From relaxing on the beach enjoying gorgeous sunsets to swimming, snorkeling, jet skiing and more, there is no shortage of things to do on the beach. If you are looking for a day off the beach or want to buy some souvenirs to bring home, Rocky Point also has some great shopping. The mix of an old fishing town with the new resort town lends to a unique shopping scene which features everything from traditional Mexican crafts to souvenirs and contemporary works of art. Here are some of the locations you should be sure to check out if you are looking for an afternoon of shopping spots in Puerto Penasco Mexico.

Malecon / Old Port Shrimp and Fish Market District

The fish market district is the historical center of shopping spots in Puerto Penasco Mexico. Local fishermen set up there each day selling their catch of the day, and there are also several traditional shops, art galleries, souvenir shops, and restaurants in the area. The stores along the Malecon will sell anything from silly tourist t-shirts and designer knockoffs to pottery and other traditional crafts.

In Mexico it is common to negotiate your prices, so make sure to haggle on the items you want. Don’t expect to buy anything if the seller isn’t going to make a profit, but almost everything with a price tag has a negotiable price.

The Malecon runs along the Bay of California, making it a great place to watch the sunset. There are also several restaurants and bars in the area, so you can stop in for a refreshing drink or stay for dinner and watch the sunset.

Cholla Mall

Cholla Mall is a little bit north of Rocky Point, but it is known for being less pushy and having better prices than shops at the Malecon. Cholla Mall has similar stores selling handmade ceramics, traditional sterling silver jewelry. Artwork, and souvenirs. Su Casa and Plaza Fabiola are some of the most popular stores on the street. Cholla Mall also has several restaurants, bars, and a mariachi band that often performs on busy days.

Accommodations in Rocky Point to Fully Enjoy The Best Shopping Spots in Puerto Penasco Mexico

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