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The Cedo Intercultural Center for The Study Of Deserts And Oceans In Rocky Point

Rocky Point, Mexico, is a paradox of sorts. It blends bounteous desert landscapes that are bordered by the scenic oceans. The beauty of nature unfolds day after day, whether this means watching the tides come barreling to shore; observing whales making their migratory trip year after year; or simply taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures of relaxation.

To ensure the area and its natural resources are sustained, the Cedo Intercultural Center was founded to carry out these goals.


  • Protecting Endangered Animals – The center aims to educate surrounding communities about sustainable living, and how to protect endangered wildlife that are prominent in the region.  Some examples of lessons taught include freeing turtles back to their natural habitat; or providing tips for observing the health of natural wildlife, including calves.
  • Making a Living – the area provides a wealth of opportunities to farm and sell. In this case, fish and sea farms are plentiful, and the center shows locals how to harvest in a sustainable fashion – similar to reforestation efforts.
  • Children’s Education – children are our future, and Cedo schedulesnew ways to make learning about the environment enticing.

Ultimately, all goals tie into research, education and conservation. CEDO is the abbreviation for El Centro de Estudios de Desiertos y Oceanos. It was established in 1980, and the organization has been making a notable impact ever since. Some distinguished research and findings are centered on sustainable fisheries, coastal conservation, wetland research, and climatological reports.


  • Biological Field Station – the state of the art lab allows scientists and researchers to observe changes in the environment, in order to stop cycles of endangerment or extinction.
  • Visitor Center – want to know more about how you can help, or learn what’s going on in this space? Stop by the visitor center and take a tour. You may find helpful ideas to take with you home, wherever this may be.
  • The Gift Shop – browse the gift store for souvenirs that remind you that it’s our duty as planetary citizens to take care of home. Conserving nature allows us to leave behind a legacy for our children and grandchildren to enjoy.

Visiting the center is a family-friendly activity and a cool idea for kids. Visit any one of the locations in San Felipe, El Golfo de Santa Clara, La Paz, and Tucson, Arizona.

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