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The Most Beautiful Rocky Point Attractions

When traveling to Mexico, there are a number of beautiful places to see. If you happen to be visiting the Rocky Point area and you enjoy nature, you are in for quite a treat. There are a number of beautiful Rocky Point attractions for you and your love ones to enjoy. The following are a few beautiful nature attractions that you should definitely consider visiting.

El Pinacate y Gran Desierto de Altar Biosphere Reserve

If you are looking for an exceptional nature attraction in Rocky Point, the Biosphere Reserve at Rocky Point is a must-see. Located along a long, winding dirt road, you’ll be able to experience an assortment of natural visual delights. One of the main attractions of the biosphere reserve are the craters and the remnants of the lava flows. If you are considering visiting the reserve, it is best to do so on a day trip as there is lots to see and experience. Come early and spend the day partaking in the natural ecological beauty of the Biosphere Reserve.

Isla San Jorge

Imagine taking a day trip to explore an island that is graced with sea lions. This is what you’ll experience when you visit Isla San Jorge, also known as Bird Island. You can get there via a boat rental or plan a day trip through your travel arrangements to experience Isla San Jorge. You and your guests will enjoy the boat ride out to this particular island where you will encounter hundreds of sea lions lounging. The view is guaranteed to be both spectacular and memorable. You can even enjoy an underwater adventure of snorkeling while visiting the island.

Cholla Bay

If you’re looking to experience the most beautiful Rocky Point attractions away from the more touristy areas, Cholla Bay is definitely a place to check out. This is the location of one of the first areas where Americans actually began to settle in Rocky Point. Enjoy the beautiful beach where you can find plentiful sand dollars or go shelling as well as see an octopus or two. While visiting, make sure to stop by JJ’s Cantina, which is one of the oldest bars in Rocky Point.

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